10 Jun 2009

Is Joe Bruno the New York State Majority Leader in Exile? (And What Does That Mean for Gay Marriage?)

Yet another twist to the Albany coup story, Joe Bruno has come out in favor of marriage equality. Aside from the pigs flying, hell freezing over aspect of this–which is considerable–the move is remarkable for its implications with respect to the dsiputed leadership of the NY State Senate.

Right now, you have a situation where both Dem.

08 Jun 2009

Two New York Dems Vote to Give Republicans Majority in State Senate: So, Who Will Primary Defector Hiram Monserrate?

Late this afternoon, New York State Senator Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens) voted with the Republican Party (along with Dem Pedro Espada, Jr. of the Bronx), shifted the balance of power in the state senate, and threw out NYS Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith (D-Queens). Neither turncoat Democrat says he will change his official party affiliation.

07 Jun 2009

Late Night: Ripped Record Edition

Tonight I am getting an assist from my –much cooler– daughter EmilyMaay.

When the President Talks to God.

And Peruvian Cocaine

Why yes, we discuss politcs at the dinner table. Why do you ask?

07 Jun 2009

Gitmo: Obama Considers Gutting UCMJ Protections — For What?

The NYTimes is reporting that the Obama Administration is considering changing the law to permit prisoners at Gitmo to plead guilty to death penalty cases without need for a trial. This is apparently a reaction to the stated desires of 5 Gitmo prisoners to become “martyrs.”

The Obama administration is considering a change in the law for the military commissions at the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, that would clear the

06 Jun 2009

The SEC Civil Suit Against Countrywide’s Mozilo: Why You Need to Know About “Parallel Proceedings”

The NYTimes is reporting that the Sec has instituted a civil suit against Angelo R. Mozilo, David E. Sambol, and Eric P. Sieracki of Countrywide Mortgage alleging securities fraud and insider trading. The US Attorney’s Office has not yet filed criminal charges.
Welcome to the complicated high stakes world of “Parallel Proceedings”.

05 Jun 2009

Dr. Tiller, FACE, and the Failure of the Bush DOJ to Enforce the Law

You are about to hear some folks on your TeeVee talk about FACE Act. That stands for the Freedom of Access to Clinincs Entrances Act. The man who shot Dr. Tiller may have violated it repeatedly, and the failure to prosecute him then, left him free to murder Dr. Tiller now.

01 Jun 2009

GM Bankruptcy in SDNY: Improper Forum Shopping or Search for a Sophisticated Bench?

So, GM’s going to bankrupcy court—–in the Southern District of New York. What’s that you say? GM is located in Michigan? Yes, that is true, but GM owns a car dealership in Harlem and has used it as a shoehorn to get the cases sited in SDNY. Some call this forum shopping.

25 May 2009

Hank Greenberg, Starr International, and the Mystery of the AIG Stock Sale

Reuters is reporting that Hank Greenberg has entered into agreements to sell all of his shares in AIG to another entity he controls, Starr International Company.

Nobody moves that many shares or that much money just for the heck of it. There is a mystery unfolding here.