04 May 2010

WV-01: Extraneous Mud-Slinging Escalates With A Week Until Primaries

West Virginia’s First District Dem Primary is Beginning to Look more interesting.

30 Apr 2010

Jeb, Rove, Rubio: What about you Ms. Palin?

Yet another Immigration Diary, but I promise this one is interesting.

27 Apr 2010

WV-01:Dem Incumbent Mollohan and Challenger Oliverio Produce Conflicting Polls

The two candidates vying for the democrats nomination in the primary produce differing poll results

27 Apr 2010

Sen. Schumer Leads Opposition to Citizens United V. FEC With New Proposal

Congressional Dems plan response to Citizens United V. FEC ruling

26 Apr 2010

Immigration Nation and Racial Profiling is Pulling in the Station

The blunders of Bill Kristol and Arizona Immigration continue!

24 Apr 2010

WV-01: Incumbent Dem Down In Polls as Primary Election Nears

Brief Summary of the Hotly contested first district seat in West Virginia

22 Apr 2010

Corporate Cruelty: Massey Denies Time Off For Miners to Attend Funerals

Massey has gone too far this time, as if they hadn’t already

21 Apr 2010

WV Mine Update 4/21: Massey Resignations, Court Orders, and More

An update to the West Virginia Mining Disaster, and an awful tweet from a conservative idiot on twitter

20 Apr 2010

William Gheen to Lindsey Graham: Admit you’re gay! Far-right demonizing of homosexuality continues

William Gheen is seriously a putz. He accuses Lindsey Graham of being gay and demanding he come out of the closet.

19 Apr 2010

Tea-baggers/Conservatives To Launch Their Own TV Network

Yes, the teabaggers/right-wing are wanting to establish their own network