19 Oct 2010

9/11 Conspiracies, Global Warming Myths, and More! (A Recap of the WV Senate Debate)

What do a cap and trade shooting blue-dog, environmental watch-dog, tea party Palin pal, and a 9/11 conspirator all have in common?

15 Oct 2010

WV-Sen: GOP Candidate’s Wife Unable to Vote For Him

John Raese’s residency is, again, being called into question with his wife’s inability to vote for him. This, in addition to an offensive ad released earlier this month, has caused his lead to slide in recent polls. Manchin leads coming into the closing weeks.

12 Oct 2010

The Hottest Senate Election This Midterm: West Virginia?

The mud is being slung and the stakes are getting higher in West Virginia as November nears. The Democrats can’t afford to lose West Virginia to the GOP, and the Republicans are savoring at this opportunity and doing everything they can to capitalize on it.

03 Oct 2010

Just Say Now Campus Campaign: Drug Policy Reform Advocates to Speak At WVU

The Just Say Now campaign is reaching campuses nation-wide, and the state University of West Virginia is making their presence known by holding a forum to inform the public.

29 Sep 2010

Massey Energy Gets Their Way as Fight For Mine Safety Legislation Continues

Massey CEO Don Blankenship is back in the news again, and so are the Senators from West Virginia. One still trying to make money and keep unions out of mines, the other fighting for better mine safety regulations. I’ll let you guess who’s who.

24 Sep 2010

Rally Against Mountaintop Removal in DC This Weekend

Appalachia Rising will mobilize people from across the country, and especially Appalachia, against the destruction of Mountaintop Removal Mining (MTR). This scourge to the environment has effected thousands upon thousands of people, but coal barons cling to the profit motive and push forward.

24 Sep 2010

“It’s Not Because of Allah That These Buildings Fell”

The scare-tactics are in full-force this midterm election season, with anti-Muslim rhetoric being at the top of the list for some GOP candidates. This takes a step back to look at the ridiculousness being perpetuated by some GOP candidates on the basis of religion, and how Muslim Americans are impacted by it.

22 Sep 2010

Shake Up in the West Virginia Senate Race

Favored West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin is finding himself playing catchup to GOP challenger John Raese, in the midst of a recent PPP Poll.

15 Sep 2010

Hate-Fueled Politics

It’s time to put an end to this.

13 Sep 2010

We’re Still Waiting To Be Rescued

The Lord’s Resistance Army has terrified Northern Uganda and created a virtual hell-on-earth for anyone who stands in their way. The Obama Administration has passed legislation to combat these evils, but are they doing enough? Is it too much to ask during a collapsing economy and 9%+ Unemployment rate? My personal encounters with Ugandan citizens and other issues addressed.