05 Dec 2010

Sifting Through the Cat Food and Obama Conundrums

The collective response of people around the world to help eradicate a disease like meningitis is truly inspiring. The world we live in today is too often characterized by excessive greed, over-indulgence, and the exploitation of wealth at the expense of others. This may be a small ray of light, and a pipe dream ray of hope, but its something that I think can be seen as a small window of success and certainly good news right now. It may not be the greatest of great news, but its certainly something.

03 Dec 2010

Don Blankenship To Retire as CEO Of Massey Energy

“He was like a caricature of all that was wrong with the industry today,” said Cindy Rank, longtime mining chairwoman for the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy. This quote, from a recent Charleston Gazette article, pretty much sums up my feelings (as well as many others) about Don Blankenship. The coal

28 Nov 2010

An Open Letter to Kim Jong-Il

The tone is a satirical representation of such lack of attention to the country itself but still maintains a serious meaning behind it. It is not, in any way, intended to downplay the current situation or disregard DPRK extremism as one big joke.

27 Nov 2010

Fox News: ‘Obama Praises Indian Chief Who Killed U.S. General’

Will the President ever face real criticism from the right, or will he only be subject to this continued laughable stupidity? The answer is likely no; Fox will continue to manufacture stupidity at an alarming rate (if it were profitable, we could stimulate the hell out of this economy).

27 Nov 2010

#1 Threat to GOP: (Grizzly) Bears

Stephen Colbert can be credited for igniting the fabricated fear of bears, and awarding them the #1 threat to America status.  Well as most of us know, Grizzly bears are raging like never before.  The most famous one is taking on “gangster government” and yellow journalism, starring in their own

26 Nov 2010

A Film That Will Leave You Even More Pissed About Guantanamo Bay

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a screening hosted by Amnesty International.  The film was called “The Response” and, at the time, all I knew about it was that it involved Guantanamo Bay and had Aasif Mandvi from the Daily Show in it.  Watch this movie! My jaw dropped

16 Nov 2010

700-Person Lawsuit Against Massey Energy For Poisoned Water

Nearly 700 plaintiffs in West Virginia have come forward to file suit against Massey Energy for poisoning their water supplies and leading to devastating and life-altering health defects.

14 Nov 2010

The Referendum Officially Begins in Sudan

Monday is the first day of voter registration in Sudan, in preparation for their monumental referendum vote that is set to occur in January.  Sudan is on the brink of change, and it is likely to be violent.  Sudan is likely to split, because Southern Sudan wants to gain independence.

08 Nov 2010

What Meg Whitman’s Personal Donations Could Have Bought Instead of a Lost Election

This isn’t to purposely pick on just Meg Whitman, because several would-be (and soon-to-be) political office holders spend outrageous amounts of their own money on campaigns every year.

Just stop to think of what could be done instead with that money.

06 Nov 2010

Fox News Campaign Contributions From Hosts, Contributors, and Execs

The battle lines have been drawn. MSNBC Host Keith Olbermann was suspended indefinitely without pay Friday when word broke that he had made political campaign contributions to three Democratic candidates.  NBC requires prior approval from network executives before an employee, in this case Olbermann, can financially contribute to a political