18 Apr 2010

Arizona Passes Law to Allow Concealed Weapons Without Permit

Arizona Governor signed into law bill allowing people to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

16 Apr 2010

The Miners Lost

A memorial video and comment on the miners lost in the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster

16 Apr 2010

Massey Energy Responds to President Obama, Claiming Misinformation

The continuing coverage of the Massey Energy mine disaster and its aftermath

15 Apr 2010

Interviewer to Don Blankenship: “How do you sleep at night?”

A hard-lined interview by The Daily Mail’s Ry Rivard

13 Apr 2010

Coal Firms Fought to Keep Mines UNSAFE

The title is self-explanatory. A grave injustice.

12 Apr 2010

A Very Very Eye-Opening Video About Coal-Mining (A MUST SEE)

Morgan Spurlock’s 30 days episode helps illustrate life as a miner

12 Apr 2010

Michele Bachmann and Michael Steele: Bring on the Crazy!

Fact-checking Michele Bachmann and commenting on Michael Steele’s fall from power

10 Apr 2010

Tina Fey Returns as Sarah Palin!!!

Fey as Palin on SNL

10 Apr 2010

President of United Mine Workers: “Don Blankenship should be held responsible.”

The President of UMWA calls for Don Blankenship to be held responsible for the mining disaster.

09 Apr 2010

Obama Demands Investigation Report By Next Week Over Massey Mine Explosion

The Obama Administration wants to get to the bottom of the mining disaster, rescue efforts still going on.