09 Jul 2007

Sicko Citizenship … And What We’re Missing

So, you saw Sicko last week. (Yes, you did — or you devoutly intend to see it. Oh yes.) And maybe you’re like the two New Jersey transit workers I overheard last weekend, discussing the movie animatedly — “And then Hillary took the money! — Can you believe that??” Or, maybe the movie really got your dander up, and you’re like these folks at a Dallas cinema last weekend:

When the credits

04 Jun 2007

Shifting The Health Care Discussion: The Obama Plan

[Please welcome Charley from BlueMassGroup with a guest post on Obama's health care proposals. Thanks, Charley! — CHS] So a few months ago, Barack Obama got hit pretty hard for seeming like a lightweight on health care. And after all, he was going up against old pro Hillary Clinton, who