04 Apr 2014

A police badge is not a license to kill

A police badge is not a license to kill. [See story here] The attached video is indisputable evidence that an Albequerque Police Officer shoots a homeless man, James Boyd, living in the hills, as the man is obeying the orders of a handful of heavily armed (assault rifles) officers. First,

25 Apr 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes: Life on the Front Lines of Occupy Federal Hall

Originally printed on OpEdNews. Saturday morning the sun arose over Wall Street rousing the recent Occupants of Federal Hall. Unstirred by what over the week had become hectic routine the individuals rose to make way for the repeated ritual of power-washing the stone steps on which they successfully sought refuge from

20 Apr 2012

BREAKING: Feds Standoff with Occupy against NYPD Eviction on Wall Street (Live Link)

This is breaking. I will try and put more info up shortly. But right now there is a stand-off on Wall Street between the Occupiers backed by the Federal Park Police and the NYPD. For a week Occupiers have camped out on the steps of Federal Hall, location of the

20 Oct 2011

URGENT: Help Locate NYPD Cardona’s First Assault Victim

URGENT COMMUNITY ACTION REQUESTED: Please help identify and locate the woman in this photograph. On September 24th she was assaulted by NYPD Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona in the events that led up to the notorious pepper-spraying incidents of Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna. The young woman wearing sunglasses, a band on

13 Oct 2011

Should They Stay Or Should They Go: Officials Threaten to Shut-Down Florida Occupation

Gainesville, Florida. As the nascent Occupy movement spreads from Wall Street across America citizens preparing to occupy their local Main Street are being forced to grapple with a fundamental question of political rights. The First Amendment recognized and attempted to protect citizens’ rights to participate in the democratic process; but

10 Oct 2011

Anatomy of a Deception: How a Conservative Magazine Attempted to Discredit the Occupy Movement

On Saturday October 8, 2011, video was released onto the Internet showing a frenzied group of protesters outside of the National Air and Space Museum dodging a pair of Smithsonian security guards indiscriminately pepper-spraying the crowd.  Something inside the Museum, moments before, caused this chaos which led to the Museum

09 Oct 2011

American Spectator Editor Admits to Being Agent Provocateur at D.C. Museum

The following photograph taken by opednews.com‘s Cheryl Biren shows a confrontation in the lobby of the National Air and Space Museum between two individuals and an officer shortly before video shows officers with the Museum’s security forces rush outside indiscriminately pepper-spraying numerous individuals. It appears that one of the two