06 Dec 2011

The Future Of The Occupy Movement

The Occupy Movement, which has already been hugely successful in thrusting issues of inequality and corporate power into the public discourse, faces a critical juncture. As many of the larger encampments in New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles are shut down by the police, activists have been searching for

02 Dec 2011

Chilean Judge Requests Extradition of US Navy Captain in Decades-Old Murder of US Journalist

By Peter Weiss, Vice President, Center for Constitutional Rights Chile’s 9/11happened in 1973, with the violent overthrow of the elected socialist government of Salvador Allende by army chief Agusto Pinochet. Among the many victims of this violence were two young Americans, Charles Horman, a journalist and filmmaker, and Frank Teruggi,

10 Nov 2011

How Far Will the Government Go in Collecting and Storing All Our Personal Data?

By Sunita Patel, Staff Attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights and Scott Paltrowitz, Volunteer Attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer equated GPS surveillance with the ultra-repressive government monitoring in George Orwell’s 1984this week during the oral argument in United States v. Jones. The