06 Oct 2010

The Big Republican Lie on Tax Cuts

Republicans have repeated the lie that tax cuts are always good for the economy so often that all of Washington seems absolutely convinced that it’s true. The conventional wisdom is so established on this that all a Republican has to say is, “Everyone knows you don’t raise taxes in the middle of a recession …” Or in good times or in mediocre times or ever. All tax cuts are always good.

29 Sep 2010

Obama Scapegoats His Own Voters

I was just going to write about how we should rally the troops to fight for strong progressives (as I did in this video), when Obama dragged me back into the fight between real progressives and the Obama administration. As Al Pacino said in Godfather III, every time I think I’m done with it, he keeps pulling me back in.

22 Sep 2010

Why Does Barack Obama Love the Establishment So Much?

These are hopeful days. The four horsemen of the establishment look like they are leaving the White House. Peter Orszag, who apparently was the most conservative of them all (and who just lobbied for more tax cuts for the rich), has left his position as head of the Office of Management and Budget. Larry Summers is leaving his position as director of National Economic Council. Rahm Emanuel might be out by October. And Tim Geithner is also rumored to be leaving after the election.

15 Sep 2010

How the Rich Conduct Class Warfare

First, let me get this out of the way – I have no problems with the rich. I plan on being rich. I’m an American. I believe. We all believe we can get to the top and enjoy the spoils of wealth. We are Americans.

10 Sep 2010

Why Rahm Was 100% Wrong

The Rahm Emanuel strategy was to cut deals with power brokers in Washington and ignore what liberals wanted. This was best illustrated when he called liberals “fucking retarded” for trying to push for real change. His attitude was that you could ignore progressive demands because – where could they go?!

02 Sep 2010

Unilateral Disarmament Has Destroyed the Democrats

President Obama spent the first two years of his administration practicing political unilateral disarmament. He laid down his arms to reach out to Republicans, and they ripped his arms off and clubbed him over the head with them.

25 Aug 2010

Ban Glenn Beck from Ground Zero

For a lot of reasons it makes all the sense in the world to start a movement now to Ban Glenn Beck from Ground Zero. I hope you’ll join me. So, if you see him anywhere around there, tell him to “Get! Get!”

19 Aug 2010

Fox News Comes Out of the Closet

Fox News finally made it official. They are part and parcel of the Republican Party. They are now the largest donors to the Republican Governors Association, having given them $1 million dollars. They also employ three out of the top four Republicans in the Iowa Caucus Poll for GOP presidential candidates.

11 Aug 2010

Gibbs is Wrong: It Isn’t About the Professional Left

On Tuesday, Robert Gibbs made comments about the “professional left” being “crazy” for attacking Obama. Then he backpedaled away from those comments by saying, “I watch too much cable, I admit.” If he was watching cable last week, this is what he might have seen:

09 Aug 2010

Would a Black Judge Have Been Biased in Brown v. Board of Education?

US District Judge Vaughn Walker is the judge who issued the ruling that Prop 8, which bans same sex marriage in California, is unconstitutional. Conservatives are now claiming that he is gay (which is unconfirmed at this point) and that his gayness presents an obvious bias. Furthermore, he should have recused himself from the case because as a gay man he would have a conflict of interest in deciding a case on gay rights.