08 Jan 2009

From the SoapBlox Community up North…

Luckily for me, up here in Alaska, there’s a massive cold snap (well-below zero for almost two weeks in a row…which is exactly how long it’s been since my truck started).  Today it was 24- below-zero when I woke up and it was so cold in the house, I turned

14 Nov 2008

(Soon-to-be-Senator) Mark Begich reassures Rachel Maddow…and the rest of the country

I love Rachel Maddow…I really do.  However, in the case of the Alaska election she was definitely getting her information from folks who were not directly hands-on with the process.  The Begich Campaign has had boots-on-the-ground since long before Election Day.  They have had people all over the state the

06 Nov 2008

Stolen election in Alaska? Five reasons why that accusation is premature.

Many people are shocked that convicted felon Ted Stevens could possibly be ahead of Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich in the fight for his US Senate seat, or that under-investigation Congressman Don Young has probably held on to his seat against Ethan Berkowitz.  This seems especially dubious as polls that were

05 Nov 2008

Have Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens and Congressman Don Young been reelected?

Nope. There are still 50,000 votes left uncounted: …the Division (of Elections) is doing things differently this year when it comes to counting absentee ballots. Normally, some fraction of absentee ballots would be included in the election night numbers… … the roughly 40,000 absentee ballots cast so far won’t be

27 Sep 2008

Alaskans for Truth “Holding Sarah Palin Accountable”

We’re having a rally today to try and focus attention on what’s happened to the “Troopergate” Investigation, to State Government and to our understanding of Sarah Palin since she started running for Veep.  We know that not only are we doing this for us, we’re doing this for the rest

21 Sep 2008

Troopergate opens up another can ‘o worms for Sarah Palin

**************NOTE**************** AlaskaHockeyMomsForObama.com has a LINK for folks to sign a petition about Troopergate.  All folks from all across the U.S. (not just Alaska) are encouraged to sign.  We have to get the word out that if the McCain Campaign can come into Alaska and take over our Department of Law,

19 Sep 2008

Troopergate Question #6: When will the “Hit Squad” claim an “incomplete report” can’t be released?

****************UPDATE****************** I got this in “the emails”: Just read your latest post, I totally agree with you, but I think you’re missing another aspect. Buried in the AP article yesterday was a McCain spokesperson saying that Palin is “co-operating” with the investigation currently underway with the State Personnel Board. So

17 Sep 2008

Troopergate Question 3: What do the Obama or McCain Campaigns have to do with Troopergate?

At the press conference, the McCain Campaign surrogates had this chart as well as a handout with the same pictures.  The insinuation was that the Alaska Legisature was pursuing this investigation at the behest of the Obama Campaign. Often, the “guilty” party accuses the “innocent” party of what the “guilty”

15 Sep 2008

Sometimes, the most important stories are told around a dining room table…

I just spent the evening having dinner with Alaska’s most influential bloggers: What Do I Know?, Progressive Alaska, Alaska Real, Mudflats and Immoral Minority, a former Anchorage radio talk show host, friends and a video team from the U.K. Most importantly, I met a man I’ve revered for 14 years,

10 Sep 2008

In Alaska, the Blue forces are fighting back! At least they are this Saturday!

UPDATE FROM PAM: Jeremy at Good As You has video of Sarah Palin’s former pastor, Larry Kroon, explaining his support of Love Won Out, saying the program is designed to “heighten understanding about homosexuality.” Right. At a time when Alaska’s conservatives have managed to unify more cohesively behind VP candidate