25 Jul 2011

Happy Birthday Jane Hamsher !

very short diary Yes girls and boys, History’s Greatest Progressive Monster™ is having a birthday ! Leave your Birthday Wishes in the comments Happy, Happy Birthday Jane Hamsher, may you enjoy a day of progress and poodle piles ! Free Range Forevah !

13 Apr 2011

CBL’s Bounce House – Speech Open Thread

‘O The Inanity !! UPDATE: I see this diary made the Rec List – Thanks Everyone ! mwah ! Sensing I am not alone in my desire to avoid today’s Big Speech,™ – thought I’d put up a diary and create a space for those Firedogs who need to express

05 Nov 2010

Listening In: David Dayen Interview on Foreclosure Crisis

David Dayen of FDL News discuses Fraudclosure Fundamentals with Jay Ackroyd at Virtually Speaking.

01 Nov 2010

Fraudclosure For Dummies

Professor Bill Black and Citizen Activist Lisa Epstein team up on the Dylan Ratigan show to provide a coherent narrative on what has happened and what needs to happen in the Fraudclosure tsunami

12 Oct 2010

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr – Firebagger !

Dr King’s timeless response to the partisan scolds

26 Sep 2010

Dick Durbin Closes The Stable Door – After The Hubris Has Bolted

Senator Durbin clumsily attempts to spin the Dem punt on Middle Class Tax Cuts

24 Aug 2010

Push Back on Facebook Censorship of Political Speech – It’s 4:20 Log Off Facebook !

We’ve formed a Facebook group asking all our friends to LOG OFF Facebook at 4:20 everyday for one hour to protest FB’s censorship of the Just Say Now campaign ads.

20 Aug 2010

Hallowed Ground

yet one more take on the manufactured controversy that is Cordoba House

25 Jun 2010

How To Restore Your Sense of Humanity and Decency In Just 5 Minutes

Andy Worthington’s campaign to get solidarity messages to our victims in Guantanamo

28 May 2010

Have You Seen This Man ????

world’s most visible environmentalist goes missing in largest U. S. environmental disaster