22 Mar 2011

Transsexual Independence Day

Today, March 22, is Transsexual Independence Day.  For more information please visit http://ts-si.org/thompson-&-gaughan/29048-transsexual-independence-day  I am a lifelong Pagan feminist and have a few additional words to add since Pam's own Autumn Sandeen has been extremely hostile to both myself and Sharon Gaughan of TS-Si as witnessed that we both remain

04 Oct 2010

Challenging MSM “trans” guidelines as bigoted

Victoria White was murdered about two weeks ago in New Jersey, something that was largely ignored by the LGBt press until just a day or two ago.  It became noticed because the authorities and press referred to her as a man. Victoria had a legal name change.  Victoria's body was

20 Apr 2010

“Congress shall make no laws…….” Establishment of State Religion

New York law: § 165.35 Fortune telling.A  person is guilty of fortune telling when, for a fee compensationwhich he directly or indirectly  solicits  or  receives,  he  claims or pretends  to  tell  fortunes,  or  holds  himself  out as being able, by claimed or pretended use of occult powers, to answer questions 

07 Apr 2010

Dealing with Criminal Corporations

 crossposted at http://radicalbitch.wordpress.com   The Massey mining disaster brings this issue once again into sharp focus.  Far too many US and multinational corporations engage in out and out criminal acts without cost or societies ability to use traditional law enforcement techniques to hold them accountable. When a company willfully balances

31 Dec 2009

Wholistic Feminism

The violence done on the self esteem of women by the patriarchy is almost so universal it is often hard to grasp it’s full extent.  It spreads from economics to political organizational to religion and philosophy…and the underpinnings of all of those and more. As long as feminist women use

15 Oct 2009

Repugnicans for rape

check it out………not only are repugnicans in favour of bullying in public schools, now they also support rape! http://blog.buzzflash.com/node/9610 

11 Sep 2009

Hermaphrodite is insulting? Who decides this?

The technical term for someone born a hermaphrodite, that is someone born with a complete set of both male and female sex organs is a tetragametic chimera.  Mathematically only one third of tetragametic chimeras are hermaphrodites which isn't hard to understand once you know what that means.  It means you

04 Jul 2009

Labeling others, not such a great idea

After being banned here a bit over a year ago for having said: “It is my belief that the excesses of those pushing thetransgender agenda are becoming so apparent they have sown the seedsof their own eventual destruction…..” the irony of Autumn's and Pam's position vis a vis the TG