08 Feb 2015

Jonah Goldberg’s fun column about Obama

I guess this column by Jonah Goldberg came out Friday and there was already a diary about it. My response diary is about history, and Jonah Goldberg’s version if it. If you believe anything Jonah Goldberg says about history, best of luck. At any rate, I seem to have Facebook

30 Jan 2015

On Scott Walker and academic work

I don’t know if you all caught this one in Politico: Scott Walker urges professors to work harder By Lucy McCalmont 1/29/15 8:15 AM EST Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, defending proposed budget cuts for higher education, took a swipe at university professors who he said could be “teaching more classes

19 Jan 2015

Now be on your best behavior everyone!

Omigod racists!….. under capitalism. This is a well-promoted line. Don’t say anything that would mark you as a racist, because if we can get all of the racists to shut up capitalism will be totally kewl. Never mind that past capitalism (and to a certain extent present-day capitalism) is what

11 Jan 2015

More badmouthing of Democrats: Thomas Frank weighs in again

(Note to the Firedoglake audience: this was an attempt to provoke the bunch over at DailyKos.com and it should be read as just that.) Over at Salon, again, readers will be faced with the specter of Thomas Frank, who has been wrestling for some time (at least since his book

04 Jan 2015

Of radicals and mass movements

This essay was prompted by two recent pieces. Perhaps this essay would be better off if it were published in some of the places where the pieces were published: ZNet, or Jacobin. I’m more used to working here, and at DailyKos.com. The first piece is Paul Street’s “Because We Let

16 Dec 2014

Some notes on Eric Alterman’s piece

Eric Alterman, the historian, journalist, educator and so on, has a piece titled “Why Liberals Need Radicals—and Vice Versa” now up on the webpages of the journal “Democracy.” In it, Alterman “defends” radicals in a backhanded way while granting liberals more of a role in American political history than I

11 Dec 2014

On domination

Let’s start with this recent NYT news release: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/10/us/politics/for-dianne-feinstein-cia-torture-reports-release-is-a-signal-moment.html?smprod=nytcore-iphone&smid=nytcore-iphone-share A turning point for Ms. Feinstein came in March with the disclosure that C.I.A. workers had infiltrated the computers used by Senate Intelligence Committee staff members to write the report. So DiFi was okay with the CIA (national security y’know) until

02 Dec 2014

On an old Tim Wise piece in Alternet

This piece from six years ago was brought to my attention by Louis Proyect: Over on alternet.org, a website occupying a place on the political spectrum a bit to the left of Huffington Post, there’s an article that has been generating a bit of controversy. Titled rather provocatively “Enough of

30 Nov 2014

Climate change: what they’re putting off saying

So, OK, back in 2009 I was telling everyone that if the movement to (as Naomi Klein called it) “save the climate” was to accomplish anything at all, we’d need a movement to “Keep the grease in the ground.” September 24th of 2009, to be exact. Mark that date. At

11 Nov 2014

The Democrats’ political suicide?

In his most recent blog entry over at HuffPo, Michael Brenner (“The Democrats’ Political Suicide,” 11/10/14) argues that: Despite every plank in the traditional GOP program being exposed as rotten and the cause of national disasters at home and abroad, the Democrats under White House leadership contrived to allow the