04 May 2012

After 126 Years, Have We Forgotten?

Do you remember Frank Kunkel? How about Frank Nowarczyk? John Marsh or Robert Erdman? Johann Zazka? Martin Jankowiak? Not even Michael Ruchalski? Do you remember the call “Eight hours for labor, eight hours for rest, eight hours for recreation?” The names are those of the seven of the nine people

02 May 2012

Walkergate: Are We Going To See A World’s Record?

A couple, three weeks ago, the news broke that Scott Walker was already going deep into his own pockets for a change and owed a considerable amount of money to his attorneys.  I guess cooperation doesn’t come cheap anymore. Now Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel pretty much confirmed

01 May 2012

Walker Returns To The Scene Of The Crime, Mocks His Victims

On Monday morning, just a week before the recall primary, Scott Walker, with his entourage of Lt. Governor Becky Kleefisch and Workforce Development Secretary Reggie Newson, comes traipsing to Milwaukee to take a shot at potential recall opponent Mayor Tom Barrett by announcing a scheme he dubbed “Transform Milwaukee.” To make

30 Apr 2012

The Three Amigos: Scott Walker, Chris Christie and John Doe

Image courtesy of Politiscoop So, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is coming to Wisconsin on Tuesday to stump for his old pal, Scott Walker. An occurrence like this is pure blogger fodder.  One could point out how both Christie and Walker are experts at driving jobs out of their respective

29 Apr 2012

Double The Hypocrisy, Double The Dumb!

Last Wednesday was Denim Day, an international campaign to raise awareness of sexual assault and rape.  The campaign was in reaction to the Italian Supreme Court’s ruling overturning a rape conviction based on the fact that the victim of the rape was wearing tight denim jeans. In his usual vainglorious,

29 Apr 2012

Let The County Grounds Serve As The Symbol For Scott Walker’s Legacy

When David introduced me to you kind folks, he pointed out my personal blog, Cognitive Dissidence.  What he didn’t mention, and probably didn’t know, is that I am also the Chair for a grassroots movement, Milwaukee County First, which we started three years ago to fight against the disaster Scott

28 Apr 2012

Paul Ryan Is No Ageist!

As the gentle reader knows, even though he himself had benefited greatly from Social Security, Paul Ryan wants to privatize it so that all the money goes to his supportive Wall Street friends.  Maybe he feels that this is the way to get them to buy the next rounds of

26 Apr 2012

Who Does Walker Want To Face In The Recall?

As the gentle reader is well aware, we here in Wisconsin have been to Hell and are trying to climb our way back up. Scott Walker has, in fifteen months, undone a century and a half of proud tradition, vibrant success and and exalted status.  He’s sold us out to

24 Apr 2012

Scott Walker’s Billion Dollar Buffoonery

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, facing a historic recall in just six weeks, is getting pretty nervous, if one judges this by the size of his lies. Walker came out on Monday and made a bold statement that he saved Wisconsin taxpayers $1 billion, mainly through his union busting Act 10.

23 Apr 2012

Walkergate: What’s In Whose Wallet?

Two months ago, I questioned how Tim Russell was paying for not just one, but two, high caliber attorneys, Michael Maistelman and Andrew Franklin.  I noted that at the time, Russell allowed his house to be foreclosed on, which was an indication to me that he was having some serious