08 Sep 2009

A War of Words Over Words

A war of words over words. And a frustrating read for me, going through the posts here. I rarely post, I've done my activism, both trans and lesbian; I've had the rad-fem censures of the sort described in some posts and yet been accepted as a woman by other cliques

27 Apr 2009

“God’s Own Party” Killed Flu Pandemic Healthcare Funding

The party of “one man, one woman,” of treasonous secessionists, of fighting attempts to stop violence in schools, and of opposition to federal unemployment benefit funding may have yet another accomplishment to be “proud” of; they may have sentenced Americans to death if tthe Swine Flu crisis escalates: $870 million

24 Apr 2009

Thanks for the Welcome!

I thought that I'd use my first diary to thank people for the immediate acceptance here. I've been out of any kind of LGBT activism for some years, burned out gradually on the prejudice and hatred. There are times that I've felt out there by myself and a friend compared