11 Dec 2009

Rick Warren declares he’s not “conspiring” to “rid the world of homosexuals”

Rick Warren's missives reach over 140,000 pastors around the world and in early 2009 Warren gave the opening prayer at Barack Obama's inauguration. But the “Purpose Driven” pastor has increasingly been dogged by controversy. Mega-pastor Warren has just released a statement condemning pending legislation, before Uganda's parliament, which critics have

09 Dec 2009

Group Behind Uganda’s “kill the gays” Bill Expanding North America Effort

The Ugandan branch of a US-based evangelical group called “College of Prayer” played, as a new talk To Action report details, a major and little noticed role organizing and inspiring legislators behind the pending Anti Homosexuality Bill due to come before Uganda's parliament early in 2010. Homosexuality is already legally

06 Dec 2009

Rick Warren Mentor Tied To Global Anti-Gay Rights Organizing

A new report from Talk To Action, Rick Warren’s Dissertation Advisor Leads Network Promoting Uganda Anti-Gay Bill exposes a major, unnoticed faction behind the pending “kill the gays” bill before Uganda’s parliament. That faction is linked to global religious networks under Rick Warren’s mentor, leading church growth guru C. Peter