24 Aug 2009

WSJ Reporting: Obama to Reappoint Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke?

WSJ Reporting: Obama to Reappoint Bernanke

23 Aug 2009

“BPA industry fights back: Public relations blitz takes cue from tobacco companies’ past tactics”

For decades, the chemical industry has been able to control the debate on whether BPA is harmful to human health. Now the Food and Drug Administration, which had relied on industry-financed studies to declare the chemical safe, is reconsidering its determination. The decision is expected by Nov. 30.

24 Jun 2009

Pass the Popcorn: Sanford Press Conference at 2:00 ET. Now he claims to have been in Argentina.

State Sen. John Land, the Senate Democratic leader, said Mr. Sanford’s behavior was “very bizarre.” “He either lied to the staff about where he was, or his staff lied to the people of South Carolina about his whereabouts,” Mr. Land said.

21 Jun 2009

Anne Coulter Wannabee Admits Affair with Milwaukee Chief of Police

Jessica McBride (39) admits she had an affair Chief Edward Flynn (61).

03 Jun 2009

‘Instead of spending money to manipulate the legislative process…I suggest these companies ramp up their research and development’

“A congressional committee is investigating whether the Food and Drug Administration gave undue influence to chemical makers after several recent reports in the Journal Sentinel revealed how government regulators relied heavily on industry lobbyists when considering the safety of the controversial chemical bisphenol A.[…]”

31 May 2009

“Long-dormant greenhouses again bloom life into cemetery”

IMHO this is a highly accessible historical and technological gem from this morning’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Among its many other accomplishments, it mentions Will Allen, the founder of Growing Power, a leader in urban agriculture. Please enjoy the two photographs as well.

“Forest Home Cemetery once again is a place for the living, not just the dead.

Three abandoned, century-old greenhouses that years ago produced flowers to beautify the graves and grounds of the historic south side cemetery are being brought back to life, this time with vegetables.[…]”

30 May 2009

Chemical Industry: To Sell BPA, Target “Pregnant” Women And “Manipulate The Legislative Process”

“Food and drink manufacturers met Thursday in Washington D. C., to sketch out a media strategy to combat concerns about bisphenol A, a chemical used in food packaging that has been linked to cancer and other diseases. The Journal Sentinel has obtained a copy of the memo, which talks about stirring worry that a BPA ban would lead to baby formula shortages. Their plans include finding a pregnant woman to act as a spokesperson for the chemical’s safety, calling her the “holy grail.” Another suggestion: “befriend people that can manipulate the legislative process.””

20 May 2009

‘See for Yourself How the FDA Gave Lobbyists the Inside Track on BPA’

From Meg Kissinger at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “We told you on Sunday about the Food and Drug Administration giving special favor to lobbyists for the chemical companies in their review of the controversial chemical bisphenol A. Now you can check it out for yourself by reading these e-mails that we got through the Freedom of Information Act.

19 May 2009

‘Nuclear Cleanup Awards Questioned: Firms Cited for Errors Get Funding’

“A story this week by the Washington Post found that companies that were cited for past errors are now in line for lucrative nuclear clean-up projects funded by stimulus money.”

19 May 2009

Joe and Jane Sixpack Arguments Against Single Payer

These arguments are against any governmental influence over health care.