08 Mar 2012

Mitt Romney: the 1% Candidate

This post confirms what you already know: Mitt Romney is the 1% candidate. He talks and acts like a 1% guy, and has the resume of a 1%er. He’s got money– lots of it. His wife has 2 Cadillacs. You already knew all that. But wait! There’s more! The Rachel

23 Sep 2011

Petition White House to hold Administration officials accountable for torture and other abuses

Back on January 9, 2009, Bob Fertik wrote, Throughout the 2008 campaign, candidate Barack Obama insisted he was running not to empower himself, but instead to empower ordinary citizens like you and me. Now he has to prove it. Twice now, President-elect Obama has asked ordinary citizens to vote on

03 Aug 2011


I have been pondering this post for several days and then tonight, Rachel Maddow had a segment on this subject (not yet online), so now’s the time or never. I’m thinking specifically about the recent debate about the debt ceiling, and the Republican’s explicit attempt to “fiscally handcuff” the Democrats

05 May 2011

Sliding towards Fascism

Are we sliding towards fascism? Or are we “merely” sliding towards corporatism? Orwell, Huxley and, more recently, Naomi Wolf have tried to warn us. But will the public wake up in time to prevent the destruction of our Republic?

02 Apr 2011

Bush & Co.: Hemmed in, and not forgotten

President Obama and AG Holder may be “looking forward,” and ignoring International Law and our treaties, but the Center for Constitutional Rights is not. President Bush can no longer travel freely to Europe, or 147 countries that have ratified the Convention Against Torture.

23 Feb 2011

Fear Has Been Defeated

Fear has been defeated — at least in Egypt, but not in America, where fear is the lifeblood of just about every Republican campaign tactic. Will Americans be able to defeat fear in the coming year?

11 Feb 2011

Egypt and Palestine

Recent events in Egypt place the struggle between Israel and Palestine in an interesting new light. Perhaps the stalemate in Palestine can be broken by these events.

12 Jan 2011

The Tucson Memorial

A personal perspective on the Memorial Service in Tucson: The introductory presentations, and President Obama’s speech.

14 Nov 2010

The Harvard Way?

In the movie Social Network there is a scene where the two Harvard Golden Boys get an appointment with the president of Harvard at the time, Larry Summers(!). They want to complain about the upstart underclassman they hired to develop their website who instead, on his own, created Facebook in

11 Nov 2010

Jon Stewart vs. Rachel Maddow

Stewart says using such labels as “war criminal” does not enhance dialogue, but rather stops communication. Is that fair?