10 May 2012

Obama’s O-Piphany: Walking Among the Raindrops Without Getting Wet

Barack Obama has had almost a decade to reach his cavalier evolution on the merits of gay marriage. Why now, when he has had three years of dithering and prevaricating – while common citizens suffer daily discrimination – has Obama given his imperial imprimatur to a decision that is risky

08 Feb 2012

Maybe there are some 99’ers in the Republican Party

Ha ha Mitt Romney. Way to go numbnuts. You had it going your way. The February  Caucus and Primary schedule was like Manna from Kolob. You were going to cruise so far ahead of Newt and the Pretenders that Super Tuesday in March would be just a little speed bump

05 Feb 2012

Romney/Santorum Ticket?

I was talking to a friend about why Santorum has been staying in the race. I have a conspiracy theory. Romney has been winning but not decisively. Iowa 25% New Hampshire 40% South Carolina 28% Florida 46% Nevada 51% Not very inspiring results and the low turnout in Nevada doesn’t

27 Dec 2011

Montana move to recall Congress delegation over NDAA vote

I have despised that pip-squeak Markos Molitsas and the ersatz Keith Olbermann, Lawrence O’Donnell, ever since they tag teamed Dennis Kucinich over not drinking the Koolaid on Obamacare on MSNBC. I was born and raised in Montana (Fort Benton High School; Class of 1983); now live in Utard. My friend

25 Dec 2011

In 2003, during the run up to the Iraq invasion I was a minority of one on the discussion groups for the indigenous people’s of Iraq: the Syriac Christians. Nestorian Assyrians, Chaldean Catholics, Syrian Orthodox Jacobites. A couple million people pining for their own nation in the North of Iraq

25 Dec 2011

Confused re: Payroll tax & Keystone Pipeline

As part of the “compromise” on the payroll holiday extension, there was language forcing Obama’s hand on Keystone Pipeline decision. I was quite certain that Obama was ‘kicking the can’ as usual til after 2012 election. With Occupy Wall Street and massive protests a la Bill McKibben, even the arrogantly

17 Dec 2011

Predictions for 2012 before the campaign starts

1. House flips back to Dems in spite of Tea Party redistricting shenanigans. If poll numbers translate into votes, incumbents ESP. 2010 rookies are turned back. They need to pick up 25 net gain 2. Senate goes back to Republicans, Dems have twice as many Seats to defend. Real Clear

10 Sep 2011

Why I won’t be watching the NFL tomorrow

Since the Supreme Court Coup of 2000 I have become a progressive political junkie. I despise the Corporate Media. For me, the New York Times isn’t Dowd and Krugman, it is the Unholy Trinity of Judith Miller, Thomas Friedman and David Brooks. The CIA News Network? Just Say No to

10 Sep 2011

Kubler Ross and The Obummer Phenomenon

This is my first post as someone who has been lost in the wilderness as a Progressive; who naively championed Obama back when it was Hillary and the Seven Dwarves. (I even used to compare him to my personal idol, Bob Marley, another bi-racial charismatic with universal appeal. I blush