18 Nov 2010

Three in 5 say same sex couple with children are a family

According to a Pew Research Study 4 of 5 say an oposite sex couple or single parent with children constitute a family… According to the same study 3 of 5 say a same sex couple with children are a family…   It appears the religious right are losing ground in

28 Oct 2010

Reasons for lgbt youth suicides

I believe there are various related reasons for the suicides of our LGBT youth… Bulling is one of the major causes and the bigotry of the fanatical religious right plays a major part in convincing young people it is OK to pick on us. The lack of concern for the

04 Jul 2010


I hope everyone is enjoying their Independence Day weekend… Recently I noticed a growing tendency for people to express “LGBT” with the “T” separated from the “LGB” with the use of “/”,”&”,”+”, or “and”. This is particularly true in the British Isles but also happens here in the United States