22 Sep 2010

Some Propositions On Which Progressives Agree, and What to Do About It

Progressives agree Obama is no fighting progressive. We split on what to do about it. An argument for retaking the Democratic party with a 2012 presidential primary challenge to Obama is the fact that nearly two years into the Obama administration we could have won more progressive battles had Obama simply chosen to fight the battles.

23 Aug 2010

The Koch Brothers, Murdoch, and the Mindset of the Puppeteers

Jane Mayer’s piece on the Koch Brothers is required reading for progressives. I’m looking for similar insight into Rupert Murdoch’s moral and political philosophy.

19 Aug 2010

Disappointed Again

Howard Dean’s compromised stance on the Manhattan Cordoba House issue is very disappointing. The one virtue of this manufactured issue is that it is proving to be a telling litmus test for showing who will live their principles when the public debate gets heated.

11 Aug 2010

There’s a Reason the White House Continues to Dis’ Us F’ing Retards

This administration has made a political calculation that it is to their advantage to publicly disrespect the left. Until there is a credible politician of sufficient standing to threaten Obama from the left, progressives should not expect this behavior to change.

08 Jun 2010

Why Measure the Gusher?

BP argued weeks ago there was no value-add to measuring the flow of the gusher in the gulf. Turns out they don’t have enough capacity to process the oil they could now be capturing, ostensibly because they underestimated the flow rate.

03 Mar 2010

Lucy, football, financial reform negotiations.

The White House and Democratic Senators appear to have learned nothing from their year-long exercise in bipartisanship, and appear to be repeating the HCR exercise on financial reform.

02 Feb 2010

For once, I agree with Sarah Palin…

Sarah Palin calls for Rahm Emanuel to be fired. Bet you can’t guess why.

29 Jan 2010

The Filibuster and Progressives, Part 2

The 60-vote issue is a smokescreen used to shield corporatist Democrats–progressives should mobilize to burn it down.

28 Jan 2010

Udall’s End-the-Filibuster Initiative

How can progressives light a fire under their senators to reform the filibuster?

21 Dec 2009

To Progressives: What Now?

We lost. Progressives must get over their defeat on healthcare and begin work immediately to move the center of the Democratic majority in the 2010 election left by targeting moderates appalled at the corporate giveaways.