13 Nov 2010

Tea Party Isolationism?

The hope for genuine anti-interventionists policy from Congressional Tea Partiers seems to be a distant one

07 Nov 2010

Can Obama Be A New “Comeback Kid”?

We know that Obama can comprosmise like Bill Clinton. But can he fight Republicans like Bill Clinton?

07 Nov 2010

Jerry Brown Elected California Governor, Heads of Pundits and Reporters Begin to Explode

One thing I admit I am going to enjoy during Jerry Brown’s Governorship is watching the heads of reporters and pundits explode trying to figure out what to make of him. Voters don’t have that much trouble. But this Los Angeles Times piece is fairly typical: Cathleen Decker, Brown’s history,

03 Nov 2010

Jerry Brown’s Demographics

Jerry Brown’s secret plan to win the California Governorship revealed!

30 Oct 2010

Mystery of the Blue Dog Dem mystique

Cameron Joseph’s report A Blue Dog Bloodbath? National Journal 10/29/2010 raises the major problem with the standard conventional wisdom about the Blue Dog Democrats. He reports: The Blue Dog Coalition, a group of fiscally moderate to conservative House Democrats from mostly rural areas, has grown in the last four years

29 Oct 2010

Ron Brownstein on Obama’s drama

Ron Brownstein conjures the image of the cool and unflappable “No-Drama Obama”

28 Oct 2010

Dana Milbank Gives the Village Sneer to Jon Stewart’s Interview

Jon Stewart practices journalism on his comedy show, fills the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank with contempt

28 Oct 2010

Obama on Cutting Social Security

President Obama is laying the groundwork to recommend cuts to Social Security, i.e., a phaseout of the program, though he and the Republicans who want this won’t call it “phaseout”. And Obama is trying to position phaseout as a moderate, reasonable measure.

24 Oct 2010

Megabank Incompetence and the Implications for the Housing Market

James Galbraith weighed in last week on the foreclosure crisis

29 Apr 2009

President McCain’s First 100 Days

A look at what we might be reading and writing if McCain had won the election