20 Jan 2008

Championship Trash Talk Part Deux – Go Pack Go!

You guys sure talk a lot. Keep it up! Go Pack!

18 Jan 2008

emptywheel’s Famous Football Trash Talk Thread* – Championship Sunday Edition

Championship Sunday brings conflicting emotions for me. It brings the very essence, the finest, that pro football has to offer; the two best teams in each conference duking it out for the right to go to the Super Bowl. It also means that, save for the commonly anti-climatic Super Bowl, the football season is over, and that leaves a hole in the sports, and emptywheel, world until next fall. Well, enough of that, we DO have one outstanding day of gridiron glory left, lets get to it.

11 Jan 2008

emptywheel’s Famous Football Trash Talk Thread* – Division Playoff Edition

We are now down to genuine pro football. No more Cinderellas; the teams that ought to be here are here. Who you taking? Why? The tundra is frozen, time to get it on!

04 Jan 2008

emptywheel’s Famous Football Trash Talk Thread – Wildcard Weekend Edition

At long last, the playoffs are upon us. Well, the playoffs are upon us for the NFL anyway; there are still no playoffs for major college football, so we will once again have to settle for a BCS title game with arguably the wrong participants. I am thinking you folks may have some opinions on all this. Do tell.

25 Dec 2007

The “Other” Provision Of The Records Act

It appears the fluid and constantly evolving rationalization of the Bush Administration for their destruction of the torture tapes may be starting to congeal in an operative theory relying, at least in significant part, on a provision of the Federal Records Act allowing destruction of certain records located outside of the United States during wartime. Does it hold up?

24 Dec 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and every other relevant greeting out there. A holiday toast to one and all!

21 Dec 2007

Emptywheel’s Famous Football Trash Talk Thread – Holiday Edition

The weekend is upon us, which means it is time for some trashing and burning (Note: not for you folks working for Cheney at his “ceremonial” office, you have trashed and burned quite enough this week). Here is the lineup for this week. Who and what do you have on the burner? Trash it up!

21 Dec 2007

The Wheels Of Justice

Top of the morning to one and all. As Marcy and family hit the road on their much delayed Christmas expedition, it occurs to me that it is time to grease the wheels of justice and get them rolling down the road of accountability. EW and Mad Dog are right about the implications of the new AP article.

16 Dec 2007

Emptywheel’s Famous Football Trash Talk Thread

Hello there sports fans and fanettes. You have probably been wondering what happens to the New England Patriots if Tom Brady is injured or out. The second string is a pretty severe step down; for those scoring at home, or even if you are alone (shameless rip off from Keith Olbermann), Brady’s backup is Matt Cassel, a perfectly fine chap, and by all accounts a good quarterback.