17 Oct 2011

Throughout 2008, Herman Cain Repeatedly Mocked the Idea the Economy Was in a Recession

Before he was the GOP’s 2012 frontrunner, Herman Cain wrote a weekly, syndicated opinion column. And he devoted a lot of his columns in 2008 to talking about how awesome the economy was — and basically saying that anyone who said otherwise was just trying to make Republicans look bad. (h/t Mark Benjamin)

17 Oct 2011

Early Morning Swim


16 Oct 2011

Attention Conservatives Trying to Play Guilt-by-Association with Occupy Wall Street: Bring It On

I see the wingnuts are running around trying to tie the Occupy Wall Street movement with Nazis and Communists. Oh, this is going to be fun.

14 Oct 2011

Rick Perry: I’m Being Attacked by Other Republicans Because I’m a Christian

Wow. I didn’t think the Secessionists could get any whinier after Anita cried about how mean everyone was being to her husband the other day. I was wrong.

14 Oct 2011

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13 Oct 2011

Tort Reform Touted by Rick Perry Actually Increased Health Care Costs in Texas

This needs to be thrown in the face of every Republican who spouts “tort reform!” when asked what they’re going to do about health care. For years, they’ve pretended like it’s some kind of magic fairy dust that’s the answer to all our problems. It’s a boon for the medical industrial complex. That’s all.

13 Oct 2011

Early Morning Swim: Dean Baker Calls New Trade Bills “Silliness” [VID]

This is what Dean was talking about: “The US Congress has approved free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama, ending a four-year drought in the forming of new trade partnerships and giving the White House and Capitol Hill the opportunity to show they can work together to stimulate the economy and put people back to work.”

12 Oct 2011

Poll Shocker: 44% of Democrats Don’t Think Economy Will Get Worse Under a Republican President

With Willard looking more inevitable every day, this is especially bad news for the White House. The Everest-size electoral challenge facing President Obama is encapsulated in a single question in the latest Washington Post-Bloomberg News poll: Would the economy be better or worse if a Republican were elected president in

12 Oct 2011

Early Morning Swim

11 Oct 2011

Without a Hint of Irony, Anita Perry Complains about “Ugly” Political Attacks

Suck it up, Anita. Your husband — and his party — have been dishing out ugly for years.