30 Oct 2011

New Kaiser Poll: Democratic Support of Health Reform Law Slips to 52%

So much for the theory that it’s just a bunch of Firebaggers liberals that are dissatisfied with the Affordable [sic] Care Act.

28 Oct 2011

Herman Cain’s Chain-Smoking Campaign Manager is a Tax Cheat, Two-Time DWI Offender

It looks like the Pizza Guy, who’s currently leading the GOP field, has appallingly low standards when it comes to hiring people.

28 Oct 2011

Early Morning Swim: Michael Moore on the 1% and the Republican Presidential Candidates [VID]

When the GOP’s money machine couldn’t get Jeb!, Mitch Daniels or Chris Christie — they had to settle for Willard. But yeah, hard to see why a second Obama term really scares them.

27 Oct 2011

Rick Perry, Tired of Getting His Ass Kicked, May Skip Future Debates

If the Secessionist is too scared to stand up to Mitt Romney, how’s he going stand up to China?

27 Oct 2011

Early Morning Swim


26 Oct 2011

Conservatives Now Officially Hate All of the Republican Presidential Candidates

What’s pretty clear at this point is, no matter who the Republican nominee is, they’re not going to be loved. As in 2008, it’s going to take a camera-friendly wingnut (Nikki Haley? Marco Rubio?) on the ticket to rally the rubes.

26 Oct 2011

Early Morning Swim


25 Oct 2011

Rick Perry: Obama’s Birth Certificate is a “Good Issue to Keep Alive”

The Secessionist, whose half-baked, Steve Forbes leftovers are bombing at the National Review (!) — is really pulling out all the stops to become the Teabaggers’ preferred candidate.

25 Oct 2011

Early Morning Swim


24 Oct 2011

Rick Perry Now Reduced to Cribbing Campaign Ideas from Steve Forbes and Donald Trump

These wingnuts are absolutely convinced that human life begins at conception, but when it comes to global warming and Obama’s citizenship — we just can’t be sure.