06 Dec 2007

Romney’s Speech: The Wingnut Reaction

Pretty much all I can think of to say is, “Heh.”

06 Dec 2007

In A Stunning Development, Telling Horny Teenagers To Save It For Jesus Proves Ineffective

No one could’ve predicted this.

In a troubling reversal, the nation’s teen birth rate rose for the first time in 15 years, surprising government health officials and reviving the bitter debate about abstinence-only sex education.

The birth rate had been dropping since its peak in 1991, although the decline had slowed in recent years.

05 Dec 2007

Huckabee Can’t Have It Both Ways On His Fundamentalism

I’m getting really tired of Mike Huckabee’s cynical exploitation of his religion when it’s politically convenient, and his cowardly abandoning it when it’s not.

During the YouTube debate, he was asked a tough question about what Jesus would say about the death penalty. He slickly dodged it, saying “Jesus was too smart to ever run for public office.” Ha ha ha.

05 Dec 2007

Follow Up On Edwards

Yesterday, I took John Edwards to task for his promise to appoint Republicans to his cabinet. Some in comments doubted the accuracy of this Des Moines Register story I cited, which was also picked up by TPM and Chris Bowers, who wrote:

Earth to Richardson and Edwards: America is voting for Democrats in order to remove Republicans from powerful governmental positions, such as cabinet posts.

04 Dec 2007

Follow Up On Yesterday’s New York Times Romney-As-JFK Story

Yesterday, I pointed out that the New York Times reported that Willard would give a speech about America’s “grand tradition of religious tolerance” and, rather sloppily, failed to mention that he has publicly espoused religious bigotry against Muslims. That would seem to be a crucial component to the story, would it not?

04 Dec 2007

John Edwards: I Need Republicans In My Cabinet To Keep Me From Screwing Up

File this one under “Weirdest Campaign Vows of ’08”:

John Edwards vowed Monday to include Republicans in his Cabinet if he’s elected president.

“Here’s why: because I’m looking for the strongest, most capable, most independent-minded people I can find. I want people around me who will say, ‘You’re wrong about this, and you could do grave damage if you do it.

04 Dec 2007

Wingnuts See Great Patriotic War With Iran Slip Away, Experience 5 Stages of Grief

These are truly sad and confused times for the wingnuts. “How can we call the Democrats Chamberlains if there’s no Hitler?!” they’re wondering.

Their reaction to the Iran story was classic Kubler-Ross.

DENIAL: “Given the poor performance of the U.S. Intelligence Community (“IC”) in drafting previous NIE’s, we should review the IC’s work with a skeptical eye–no matter what conclusions are drawn,” insisted The Weekly Standard


03 Dec 2007

New York Times Blows It On Romney’s “JFK” Speech

Willard, no doubt reeling from Huckabee’s surge in Iowa, is going to give a speech this week about why Republicans should ignore the fact that he’s in a heretical cult embrace a Mormon.Mitt Romney will address head-on suspicions about his Mormon faith in a speech he plans to deliver Thursday in Texas, not far from where John F.

03 Dec 2007

Turning Up The Heat or Taking The Low Road?

Is HillaryCo getting a little desperate?

Sunday, in a dramatic shift, she made it clear that her goal is to challenge Obama not just on policy but also on one of his strongest selling points: his reputation for honesty.

“There’s a big difference between our courage and our convictions, what we believe and what we’re willing to fight for,” Clinton told reporters here.

02 Dec 2007

Your Sunday Fundies

So it appears Iowa fundies heart Huckabee’s CHRISTIAN LEADER spot, much to Willard’s dismay. Meanwhile, the director of my state’s science curriculum is fired for — get this — criticizing intelligent design.

And finally, below, Giuliani’s new BFF explains how Interstate 35 has been requisitioned by God to fight teh gay (h/t Sullivan).