21 Dec 2007

Romney’s MLK Problem Just Got Worse

Willard has really painted himself in a corner over this weird claim that he saw his father march with Martin Luther King. Do English literature majors use an alternate definition of “marched with” that I’m ignorant of?

21 Dec 2007

Hillary Warns Of War With Iran

Anyone have any idea what the hell HRC is talking about here?

“Experience in foreign affairs is critical for ending the war in Iraq, averting war in Iran, negotiating a Middle East peace and dealing with North Korea.”

This is just bizarre. Is Hillary saying that military confrontation with Tehran is more likely under Edwards or Obama?

20 Dec 2007

Will, Novak Join “Stop Huckabee At All Costs” Parade

I don’t know about anyone else, but to say I’m loving watching the Village Republicans completely freak over Huckabee is a massive understatement. Krauthammer and Nooner have already weighed in. Now George Will and Novakula join in the fun.

Novakula wants us all to know that the Southern Baptists really don’t like Huckabee, and that he’s not really, deep down, a conservative.

More than personality explains why not all his Baptist brethren

20 Dec 2007

Romney Courts Bush Supporters With Impressive Display Of Staggering Ignorance

Willard seems convinced that the way to beat back the Huckevangelists and win the GOP nomination is to kiss Bush’s throne. First, he demanded Huck apologize to W. for writing in Foreign Affairs that the Bush administration had a “arrogant, bunker mentality.” Isn’t that a compliment to a neocon?

Now, Willard pens this love letter to W., exclusively for Townhall.

19 Dec 2007

Wingnut Bloggers, Vigilant Guardians Of Media Accuracy, Have Collective Orgasm Over Bogus National Enquirer Story

I’m not going to dignify the subject of the story by mentioning it — or even linking to it here. If you want to know what I’m talking about, just go visit Memeorandum. I would, though, like to point out that the people who fancy themselves the True Champions of Truth in the Media known as the right-wing blogosphere are, as you read this, wanking over a National Enquirer story, and

19 Dec 2007

Can You Name The Mystery Presidential Candidate?

Quick quiz. Which candidate belongs to these positions, policies and quotes?

17 Dec 2007

Why Aren’t Democrats Asking: Who Lost Afghanistan?

This is a disgrace.

Australia’s new government has warned NATO and its allies they will lose the war against hardline Taliban forces in Afghanistan unless they change tactics urgently, a report said Monday.

More than 6 years after 9/11, George Bush has failed to achieve victory over a bunch of cave dwelling religious extremists with AK-47s.

14 Dec 2007

Peggy Noonan: Ronald Reagan Wouldn’t Make It In Today’s Fundie GOP

This again.

The Republican race looks–at the moment–to be determined primarily by one thing, the question of religious faith. In my lifetime faith has been a significant issue in presidential politics, but not the sole determinative one. Is that changing? If it is, it is not progress.

14 Dec 2007

Republicans Obsessed With Immigration, Yet Still Support Bush

I must admit, I’m increasingly puzzled by the GOP and their candidates’ bizarre obsession with keeping the brown people out.

More than any other question, Republican presidential candidates are asking voters to consider a single issue in the weeks before primary voting begins: Who detests illegal immigration the most?

“We’ve known for a while that it was a significant issue, but for it to overshadow Iraq, the economy and healthcare is pretty stunning,”

13 Dec 2007

Charles Krauthammer Latest Wingnut To Discover GOP’s Fundie Problem

Hilarious. A week after Nooner came out and said the GOP has been ruined by the snake handlers, Chuck wakes up and smells the incense.