10 Jan 2008

Rick Santorum: John McCain Is An Unelectable “Left-Wing” RINO

Here’s a perfect illustration of why I’m so confident that St. McCain is doomed, no matter what Democrat he faces.

People like Hugh Hewitt and Sen. Man-On-Dog absolutely hate the man.

HH: Now you know, I think pretty much everyone on our side of the aisle believes you know the media just about better than anyone, and you know how they can manipulate a race.

10 Jan 2008

Bush’s Legacy: Two Lost Wars

After 7 years in Afghanistan, no end in sight:

The Pentagon is preparing to send at least 3,000 Marines to Afghanistan in April to bolster efforts to hold off another expected Taliban offensive in the spring, military officials said Wednesday…Last year was the most violent since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

09 Jan 2008

The McCain-Is-Unstoppable Narrative Is Officially Out Of Control

Has there been a political candidate in US presdiential primary history that has done less and gotten more fluffing by the punditry?

Let’s recap what St. McCain has done thus far:

Lost all his money and fired most of his staff

Finished 4th in Iowa

Won the state he carried in 2000, before getting his ass handed to him by the guy who ultimately lost the popular vote

09 Jan 2008

Wal-Mart Marketer To Assume Larger Role In Clinton Campaign

On the heels of Hillary’s gutty victory last night, I read this in my morning paper:

Even before the results from New Hampshire came in Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton was already retooling her campaign, looking ahead to later contests in the primary process. Several new faces are expected to come aboard, including Maggie Williams, a longtime confidante to the former first lady, and Doug Sosnik, who

08 Jan 2008

Doesn’t Anyone Cut Class At Dartmouth?

From the Politico:

The Obamentum is a little hard to assess this morning. Obama held a 9 a.m. event open only to students at Dartmouth College. The audience was capped at 700 students and remarkably (for Obama) the gym is not full. There are at least several hundred students here, which would be impressive for any normal candidate (Giuliani, for example, only speaks to crowds of about 100 here), especially given

08 Jan 2008

Teary-Eyed Politicans Are Emotionally Unfit To Lead A Nation At War

In these dangerous times, can we really afford to have someone who’s not fully in control of their emotions leading the nation?

07 Jan 2008

Rudy To America: Everything’s Just Dandy — Quit Yer Bitchin’

Now that Rudy’s “9/11, 24/7” approach is getting stale, he’s rolling out a new campaign strategy. Lock up voters who love the historically-unpopular Bush by talking about how great the war in Iraq is and telling 70% of the country they’re a bunch of idiots.

“There are some people who believe that this country is declining,” he went on.

07 Jan 2008

Fred Thompson’s “Holiday From History”

I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Republican debate Saturday. Seeing Willard get attacked for being an opportunist phony by the phony St. McCain and opportunistic Huck was great. And I really loved it when each candidate (save Ron Paul) felt the need — on national television — to genuflect before Mr.

04 Jan 2008

The Comedic Genius Of Karl Rove

(Pictured: George W. Bush’s impressive display of authenticity and quiet confidence.)

In case you missed it, Rover was given a foot massage featured in this month’s Vanity Fair’s “Proust Interview.”

Here are my favorite two responses:

What is the trait you most deplore in others?
Not being authentic.


What is the quality you most like in a man?

04 Jan 2008

David Brooks Discovers New Conservative Coalition! Again!

What a piece of work McBobo is. He’s trying to spin Huck’s win — which came on the backs of the same fundie shock troops that Rove mobilized for W. in ’00 and ’04 — as some Glorious New Movement In Conservative Politics:

Huckabee won because he tapped into realities that other Republicans have been slow to recognize.