18 Oct 2007

All is well…..OOPS…maybe not

Just a few random links to show how well W is doing in running things: 1.  You are safer having the TSA on the job (glad I packed my liquids in a ziplock): http://www.cnn.com/2… 2.   The economy is going gangbusters (never mind the subprime mortgage market and how much

15 Oct 2007

Culture of corruption? In the USAF?

“I really didn’t do anything for C.R.I.” Mr. Riechers told The Post. “I got a paycheck from them.” Top Air Force Official Dies in Apparent Suicide http://www.nytimes.c… “The official, Charles D. Riechers, 47, came under scrutiny by the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this month after the Air Force arranged

15 Oct 2007

Larry “Wide Stance” keeping up the fight

He's gonna keep up the fight (and keep his name in the news) to overturn his (made with full knowledge) guilty plea to his restroom capers in MSP airport. http://www.cnn.com/2… He had 2 months to consult a lawyer…he didn't.   He was advised to consult a lawyer…he didn't. He contested

16 Sep 2007

Ex-gay convicted of sexual assault

Christopher Austin, an ex-gay therapist, has been convicted of second degree sexual assault against one of the men he was “treating”.  He was associated with Renew Ministries of Irving, Texas. “We are deeply gratified that this 'ex-gay' predator is no longer in the counseling business, where he exploited his position

04 Sep 2007

Larry Craig may be a nasty, dirty, bad boy

But he might not be laying down to the GOP yet… http://www.cnn.com/2… Get ready for a fundie smackdown kids! Come on Larry, pull out the stops….let us know what is nagging your craw as it were… Body count will be due in the morning…. 

02 Sep 2007

From dog fighting to cock fighting

http://politicaltick… Recently resigned Larry Craig has retained Michael Vick's lawyer to try to help his rescind his guilty plea in the Minneapolis airport solicitation case, which he had already pled guilty to. Of course he can't raise the issue of why he was run out of office by his own

27 Aug 2007

Ding Dong….Gonzo’s gone!!!

He's outta there…. http://www.cnn.com/2… I'm sure we will never get to the truth around this guy.  But, I'm glad he's going. Now to see who they offer up to replace him…should be interesting! 

17 Aug 2007

Finally someone asks the right question!

A letter writer to the Minneapolis Star Tribune got it right.  The twin cities might not have enough hookers when the Republicans come to town for their convention next year. His letter is about 80% of the way down the page (see”soliciting republicans“);  http://www.startribu… Convention shortage? As a gay man

10 Jul 2007

Look for the fundies to twist their nickers even tighter over the APA review of reparative therapy

The squawk is already starting.  The American Psychological Association is going to review programs whose aim is to change sexual orientation…ie. Exodus, et al. Boo hoo…the fundies claim they don’t have a voice on the review board… The preliminary report is due in December, so watch the wingnuts ramp up

18 Jun 2007

Surprise: There is corruption in the castle

what else are they hiding?…the GOP used RNC email accounts to hide emails about political activities in the White House: http://www.cnn.com/2… what was lost?  what are they trying to hide? so much for open government…ooops…that was gone a long time ago…