06 May 2008

Hillary and Ickes…straight from Karl Rove’s playbook

http://www.philly.com/philly/b… Obama hasn’t been vetted?  Give me a break Shill…this is right from the playbook of the W team… Shame on them and anyone that supports HRC

27 Apr 2008

A view from across the pond…after a week in Europe

Work is sucking the life out of me, again…this time I am spending two weeks in Europe before I have a week at home before I have a six day week working a trade show on the west coast. The self pity aside, it has been very eye opening to

02 Apr 2008

I’m tired

Work has been draining the life out of me…fly to boston on monday, spend the week in the office, fly home on friday….spend a couple of days at home and repeat. This has to stop…I am not an office type.  I hate office politics.  I am used to working in

13 Feb 2008

I can’t resist….more on Larry Craig tossing stains on my hometown airport…

and the Senate is not happy about how toe tapping Larry handled it…. http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpoi… While this closeted homophobe should be exposed for his true self, it is good to see the Senate starting to realize that bez bud Craigo has been doing this for years, and the GOP quietly let

01 Feb 2008

Bush has failed to keep the country safe on another front

So what happens if a major pandemic of the flu hits?  Don’t count on your local hospital to be able to handle all the incoming. http://www.washingtonpost.com/… In spite of a thousand page “Flu preparedness” plan put forth by the Bush misadminstration, the hospitals can’t handle the volume of patients that

31 Jan 2008

Newsflash: We are not prepared for another attack on US soil

AP has this up today: “Report: Military Not Ready for US Attack” http://ap.google.com/article/A… After 9/11, BushCheneyCo. has not left us any safer, less safe, in fact, in the event of a nuclear, biologic or chemical attack within the US.  They have depleted the National Guard to the point that there

09 Jan 2008

The “Wide Stance” won’t give up

Larry Craig just won't give it up. He plead guilty to the crime but won't let it die, even after a judge turned down a challenge to his guilty plea. http://www.kare11.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=492155 “Senator Larry Craig is continuing his fight to have his guilty plea in a Minnesota bathroom sex sting erased.

07 Jan 2008

Is Hillary feeling the heat? And responding in a Rovian way?

from Daily Kos: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/1/7/181142/9115 Might we face an attack from the “Axis of Evil” during the upcoming transition of Presidents?  Yes, but today is not Sept. 11, 2001, when a chimp was in charge.  He barely batted an eyelash when an aide told him the twin towers had been hit.

04 Jan 2008

A note of thanks to our hostess

Hey Pam! Hope you are finally getting back to normal after your recent surgery.  Surgery is never fun, even with the drugs. I just wanted to drop you a note to wish you well and to thank you for all the time you put in to PHB.  I'm sure it

02 Jan 2008

CWA’s Wendy Wright: Ignorance is bliss (when it comes to sex ed)

Link to News Hounds feature is here. Wendy Wright, pres of Concerned Women for America was on Fox's Special Report on NYE spewing misinformation about comprehensive sexual education programs in America's schools.  Get a look at this quote (she really is nuts – it flies in the face of every