12 Aug 2008

The Hillary memos from the Atlantic-notes from inside the campaign

Here they are, please read and comment: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc… If you thought Hillary threw the kitchen sink at Obama, it could have been much worse. Much. Leaks, delays in strategy implementation, leaks, in-fighting, blame…too many aspects to cover when I am on the road with a mediocre net connection…follow the link

09 Aug 2008

Media watch: Atlantic to publish Hillary campaign memos next week

It seems that Josh Green of the Atlantic has his hands on about 200 internal memos from within the Hillary campaign and he plans to scan and put about 130 of them on the web next week. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/… Reportedly insiders are scrambling and schwetting about what is in the memos.

06 Aug 2008

Bachmann…just can’t keep her Bush lovin’ clap trap shut

OK…I didn’t vote for her…I don’t live in her district…thank goodness. Today in the OneNewsNow (right wing mouthpiece): http://www.onenewsnow.com/Poli… Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) says it has not escaped Democrats what the cost of gasoline and loss of jobs are doing to the country. “This is their agenda,” Bachmann states bluntly.

02 Aug 2008

So if you are a black reporter with press credentials…you might not be welcome to be McCain’s bud

Anyway…all is well with John McCain, his use of Paris and Brittany…he sees nothing wrong with having his campaign staffers call Sen. Obama a celebrity at every chance…so much for a positive campaign John Sydney… http://www.americablog.com/200… So the white reporters only get kicked out if they ask about why the

01 Aug 2008

Bachmann spending too much time in the sun

Image of the Presidential face leech and defender of “family values” is via the Michele Bachmann Fun Page. — Pam Ya gotta love it…she’s gone even crazier, if that is possible. Now Shrub-hugging Michele is saying that Dems will never pass the tax credit for solar and wind power, the

21 Jul 2008

Bachmann: If not for the Dems gas would be $2/gal

Lady B is at it again: Like the critter cafe wasn’t enough… http://tpmelectioncentral.talk… Here’s what Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota had to say in an op-ed for National Review, promoting drilling in ANWR:     The fact of the matter is that Congress is standing in the way of

17 Jul 2008

Will this ever end and will Hillary put an end to it?

Pro-Hillary group demanding her name on the ballot http://tpmelectioncentral.talk… The Denver Group, lead by Georgetown prof. Heidi Li Feldman, is lobbying for an open convention and for the inclusion of Hillary’s name on the ballot. She claims to have raised $100,000 for her efforts. Background on the group can be

16 Jul 2008

A small bit of relief (Re: YouTube/Viacom ruling last week)

Judge Louis Stanton ruled that YouTube had to turn over user data to Viacom, that ruling shocked most privacy watchers. A bit of good news comes in that Viacom has agreed to allow YouTube to mask users’ ID and IP addresses: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25… Please note however: In limited circumstances, it may

09 Jul 2008

Michele Bachmann thinks school districts should not be financially and environmentally responsible

Rural school districts have been hit especially hard by the rise in fuel costs.  Because the population density is low it requires school buses to drive longer distances to pick up and drop off the children. The great sage that is M. Bachmann thinks it is wrong for them to

08 Jul 2008

McCain thinks its ok to ship cigarettes to Iran…in spite of trade ban

Per McCain, “Maybe it will kill them” http://www.startribune.com/pol… There is a trade ban in effect between the US and Iran.  Yet tobacco companies in the US managed to ship $158 million dollars of cigarettes into Iran…hmm. And now McCain feels he can joke about the health effect of smoking cigarettes…