10 Jul 2010

Census shenanigans? Anyone else had this happen?

I completed my census form months ago and marked that I was living with my unmarried partner, both of us male. Today a census worker showed up at my house checking on “abandonded” properties.  My property was listed by the census bureau as abandonded. I filled in my census 10

22 Mar 2010

Dan Choi rips HRC a new one in Newsweek interview

He was held by the cops with NO phone call to a lawyer, spent a night in jail.  Is this how this country treats a veteran?  The interview is here. Why now? Because you get tired of talking. [Over the past two years] I've done 50 live interviews, a hundred

19 Dec 2009

For those in New England/DC area

Welcome to winter! If you have travel plans for this weekend, first and foremost, take a breath, or two.  This is a mega-storm. If you have plans to drive anywhere, please reconsider your plans.  Your friends and family would rather see you alive at some later time than to find

07 Dec 2009

Minneapolis Quakers take stand on same-sex marriage

http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2009/12/07/quaker-marriage/ St. Paul, Minn. — A group of Twin Cities Quakers has decided to stop signing marriage certificates for opposite-sex couples until the state legalizes gay marriage. “We're simply trying to be consistent with the will of God as we perceive it,” said Paul Landskroener, clerk of the Twin Cities

09 Nov 2009

Don’t ask, Don’t Give

John Aravosis (I know some of you don't like him, but that is not the point here) and Joe Sudbay of AmericaBlog are calling on the LGBT community to pause donations to the DNC, OFA and the Obama campaign until we see action on issues important to the community. http://gay.americablog.com/2009/11/dont-ask-dont-give.html

22 Sep 2009

Kirk Cameron slapped down by young Romanian woman

h/t Dlisted Prequel:  Kirk Cameron has a YouTube vid on the net where he talks about Darwin and the 150th anniversary of “Origin of the Species”.  Of course little Kirk is one of those “oppressed” Xtians…he and the “Banana Guy” are going to be giving away gazillions of copies of

17 Jun 2009

This is Pam’s night to shine!

First and foremost – a toast to Pam as she is recognized by the Womens Media Center! It's been a helluva day, not to mention week in gay politics.  Love or hate him, John Aravosis has done an incredible job exposing the Obama administration's real approach to dealing with gay

06 May 2009


While we are seeing some phenominal progress in the New England states, thank you Maine and New Hampshire today, as well as Vermont and Iowa, there is still much work to be done. Speaker Pelosi today said that repeal of DOMA is on a back burner, due to the economic

01 May 2009

Using Hydroxycut? Stop now says FDA

Knowing that in any community there are people who are fighting the losing battle with weight gain, it is essential to get the message out there. From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Government health officials warned dieters and body builders Friday to immediately stop using Hydroxycut, a widely sold supplement linked to

07 Mar 2009

For the Xtian cook – toss out your Kosher salt!

Those darn crazy fundies are at it again.  A retired Maryland barber was getting fed up hearing cooks on the television telling people to use the dreaded Kosher salt.  So this creative fundie cook came up with his answer to ban the unholy Kosher salt from his larder – Blessed