05 Jun 2011

Obama (R): Tax Cuts, Deregulation, and Free Trade

  On ‘This Week’, Austan Goolsbee, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers gave the Obama Administration’s response to a weak jobs report. The Obama Administration believes the way to create jobs is to cut taxes, deregulate business, and increase free trade.  Bill Clinton and George W. Bush killed the

01 Jun 2011

Trump Calls Out Ryan But…

  Breaking News: Donald Trump criticized the Ryan Medicare pain redistribution plan on FOX. I’ll try to ignore the “man bites dog” obvious. As much as I like Trump’s anti-Free Trade/anti-OPEC agenda, from the GOP perspective, Trump is wrong to criticize Ryan. The Ryan plans is Right Wing Social Engineering

16 May 2011

Blazing Democratic Idiots

    I know what you are thinking, Barack Obama is the new sheriff in town, but in this analogy, John Boehner is the new sheriff threatening to shoot himself in the head. The “Democrats” and Obama are the idiot townspeople refusing to call his bluff. Let me be clear,

24 Apr 2011

Trump Must Call, Fold, or Bet

All the great poker players say you play the man not the cards. They mean you play the man’s tendencies, patterns, and habits. It’s time for Donald Trump to make a play – call, fold, or bet. Donald has lost control of his message, and the Birther issue is hurting

21 Apr 2011

Obama: “Just Rent”

During Obama’s Facebook town hall, Obama was asked about helping Americans struggling to pay their mortgages. Obama said, “…some people should just rent.” Actually, I agree. Some people should rent because they don’t earn enough to buy a house. After 2 years of Obama’s promises and capitulations, I listen to

20 Apr 2011

Obama: Hold Me Accountable

Originally posted at Bin Quick (Video) Obama asked us to hold him accountable, and I will. I will hold Obama accountable for heath care reform, for GITMO, for stupid wars, for unfair free trade. I will hold Obama accountable for choosing corporate America over people, for bailing-out Wall Street, and

19 Apr 2011

First Signs of the Obvious, Free Trade is Killing the American Middle Class

Nobel Laureate Michael Spence and Sandile Hlatshwayo wrote an completely obvious paper about the effects of Globalization on the American economy since 1990. The data concluded the following: Globalization and the technology revolution are increasing productivity and prosperity. But those rewards are unevenly shared – they are going to the

16 Apr 2011

The Trump Card

Public Policy Polling Trump: 26 percent Huckabee: 17 percent Romney: 15 percent Newt Gingrich: 11 percent Sarah Palin: 8 percent Ron Paul: 5 percent Michele Bachmann: 4 percent Tim Pawlenty: 4 percent In the Marist poll, only 36% of respondents indicate that they would “definitely vote for him” in the

14 Apr 2011

Obama: Believe Me This Time…

Why should Progressives, Liberals, or Democrats believe anything Barack Obama says? “The Bush tax cuts offend my conscience” “I’ll close GITMO within a year” “the Public Option is an essential part of health care reform” “I oppose the individual mandate” “I support drug re-importation” “I’ll fight…” “I oppose unfair trade”

12 Apr 2011

Bait and Switch

Last week, Republicans successfully played the Bait and Switch game again. The Republicans suckered Barack Obama into doubling his proposed budget cuts only to complain that the cuts weren’t deep enough. The Republicans played the stupid DemocRATs like drum again. Barack “The Weak” Obama who thinks he is playing both