09 Sep 2011

Obama’s Jobs Plan – 8% Unemployment and Re-election

As some of you know, I own a small business. I’ve been fortunate in good times and resourceful and imaginative in bad times.  As most small businesses, my business feels economic dips immediately and severely. Before I started my business, I estimated my potential profit based on sales, fixed cost,

07 Sep 2011

Jobs speech idea, don’t hold your breath

http://youtu.be/_LtbLEKHsi0 The Washington debate drags on. Will Obama propose a big Progressive jobs plan or will Obama propose a vanilla bipartisan jobs plan? However, most political talking-heads are agreed that both plans are basically dead on arrival in Congress. So what’s the point? 2012 politics. The latest reports are Obama

31 Aug 2011

Speech Politics, No Jobs

Today President Obama asked for a Sept 7th Joint Session of Congress to address the nation about his Jobs proposals and Speaker Boehner responded:   With the significant amount of time – typically more than three hours – that is required to allow for a security sweep of the House

29 Aug 2011

Contradiction, fire James Hoffa now!

  Disappointed Democrats that complain about Obama’s compromises and conservative policies and then claim they still support the President are destined for more disappointments. Most of these people will vote for Obama and Democrats in 2012. They are politically irrelevant. The political class basically ignores their complaints or gives them

23 Aug 2011

“No VietCong Ever Called Me Ni**er” — Muhammad Ali, 1966

“No VietCong Ever Called Me Ni**er” — Muhammad Ali, 1966 With all the hysteria about Rick Perry’s gaffs, stupid statements, and ignorance, I have to remind myself that Rick Perry has never called me the N-word nor did he create our $14 Trillion debt. He didn’t cause 9% unemployment nor

16 Aug 2011

Obama’s Pawlenty problem

    Tim Pawlenty ended his campaign within 24 hours of his third place finish in the Iowa Straw Poll but most of us knew his campaign ended at the CNN debate with one word – ‘Obamneycare’. Pawlenty refused to attack Romney’s health care reform, but more importantly, Pawlenty looked

09 Aug 2011

Tax Reform, Governing within the limits of Republican Dogma

Republicans believe increasing taxes is wrong. Wrong for their constituents, wrong for their donors, and wrong for the economy. Also, they “believe” that the deficit and national debt is the biggest problem, except for higher taxes, holding back the economy and preventing job growth. How many times have you heard,

07 Aug 2011

All we really wanted from Obama was competence

Assuming Standard & Poors has the credibility to rate any one’s credit, the downgrading of US Credit Rating by Standard & Poors is Obama’s Katrina. As Katrina exposed George W. Bush’s incompetence, his incompetent subordinates, and incompetent White House leadership, the debt ceiling crisis and S&P’s credit downgrade exposes Obama’s

04 Aug 2011

Game Theory

    Somewhere between the end of health care reform and the GWB tax cuts extension, I completely gave up on Obama. A few months later, I completely gave up on the “Democratic” Party. I don’t think it actually exist anymore. A political party is a political organization that typically

02 Aug 2011

ObamaBot Excuses

The Republicans were duplicitous… The TeaBags are terrorist… The President had no choice… The President wasn’t served well… In many countries, after a political defeat that damages the Leader’s credibility and exposes his incompetence, some of his advisers are fired. Hell, in some countries, the Leader commits suicide. Oh it