14 Dec 2011

Blacks are doomed to the status quo

  http://youtu.be/Dty1ejhvexM Yesterday, I listened to Mark Thompson(Sirius Radio host – Make it Plain). He sat in for Rev. Al Sharpton on terrestrial radio. I stopped listening to Mark several years ago because Liberal talk radio is useless Left Wing crap just as Conservative talk radio is useless Right Wing

14 Nov 2011

Evil can thrive in the world just by good people standing by and doing nothing

  http://youtu.be/zhczU-j-jFI   Evil can thrive in the world just by good people standing by and doing nothing Barack Obama   I agree with Mr Obama.  But what about the following: Obama has done nothing about GITMO Obama has done nothing to stop Wall Street crimes, fraud, and evil Obama

08 Nov 2011

Can someone remove Joe Scarborough’s head from his ASS!

I try to watch Morning Joe as much as possible. I can’t help it, I’m a political junky, and I like Morning Joe’s guests (Zbigniew Brzezinski et al) and Mika’s “liberal” comments. If you watch Morning Joe regularly, Joe’s TECHNOLOGY interview was so predictable. Lately, Joe has been developing another

18 Oct 2011

Why I fear OWS will fail

http://youtu.be/RVyySanZJ8M OWS has slowly built a nice little protest against Wall Street. They have successfully avoided political pitfalls and traps like electing leaders and creating a list of demands. And they have cleverly kept the political Vultures away. I still fear OWS will fail because they haven’t engaged in effective

11 Oct 2011

Herman Cain is right, Blacks are brain washed

    …by the truth. As a black man, I never considered voting for a Republican. Even 2000 Maverick, John McCain, was to Right Wing. Republicans are the party of the rich, and most blacks aren’t rich. Republicans are the party of racists. I’m not saying all Republicans are racists,

09 Oct 2011

Third Wave – Occupy Wall Street

Dylan Ratigan said that Occupy Wall Street was the third wave in trying to restore the American Dream since the 2008 collapse. In his opinion, the First Wave was the Tea Party’s reaction to TARP, the Second Wave was the election of Barack Obama (lol), and now we are watching

26 Sep 2011

Stop complainin’ CBC – Buck Up part 2

http://youtu.be/HeoOg3Fj0G0   President Obama scolded the Congressional Black Caucus(CBC) with quotes  like: “It gets folks discouraged. I know. I listen to some of y’all,”   “Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes,” he said, his voice rising as applause and cheers mounted. “Shake it off. Stop complainin’.

21 Sep 2011

Our new tough President

After being rolled on White House personnel (Van Jones, etc), health care reform (public option), GITMO, Wars, Financial Reform, Wall Street Bailouts, 2009 Stimulus, GWB tax cuts, 2010 budget deal, and the debt limit increase, 2008 Barack Obama is back and on the attack (lol). All those bad Compromises, Capitulations,

15 Sep 2011

Liberal Blogger Vindication Coming

I’ve been called every imaginable name by “Democrats” for opposing Obama’s Right Wing policies. Forget about the Right Wing media, the Left Wing media has marginalized Progressive ideology and vilified Left Wing Bloggers. Only Republicans and corporate “Democrats” are considered Very Serious People (VSP) in politics, economics, and international affairs.

13 Sep 2011

Krugman and the Free Traders

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan and admirer of Paul Krugman. I often refer to him as my staff economist via the Conscience of a Liberal Blog. Generally, I agree with most of his economic policy opinions but I disagree with Krugman on free trade. In The