11 Dec 2010

Democrats For Palin

I tweeted that I would vote for anyone, including Sarah Palin, for President before Barack Obama in 2012. The responses ranged from crazy to obvious insults to GOP troll pretending to be a Democrat. I expected as much. As a lifelong unapologetic Liberal Democrat, I’m very secure with my politics

11 Dec 2010

Holy Grail

While driving home this evening listening to the radio, I almost physically got ill then nearly pulled my steering wheel off. I was so disgusted at Obama and Clinton, it nearly made me wreck. First, Obama’s NPR interview, Obama didn’t answer any question directly. He just repeated the same line

10 Dec 2010

Conscience and Hostages

By agreeing to extend the Bush tax cuts for 2 years and unemployment insurance for 13 months, Obama is creating another hostage crisis. In 13 months, Obama will have to ask a Right Wing Republican House of Representatives and Mitch “bin Laden” McConnell to extend unemployment insurance again. Then, the

09 Dec 2010

Joe Biden’s Choice: Honor or Relevancy

Tax Cuts, Obama, Biden, Core Values, Corrupt, Sleazy

04 Dec 2010


41 Democrats can change the debate. “Man Up” Harry Reid.