15 Nov 2011

How Canadian Is This?

The Canadian magazine publisher who kicked off Occupy Wall Street has decided it’s time to declare victory and get out.  Kalle Lasn told The Guardian he thinks the #Occupy movement should pack it in for the winter.  Robert Mackey summarized Lasn’s amusing ideas at The Lede. We declare “victory” and throw a party… a

30 Oct 2011

We’re Not The Men Our Fathers Were

I appreciate your willingness after these six arduous days to remain here, for I know well the sleepless hours which you and I have had. I regret that I am late, but I have no control over the winds of Heaven and could only be thankful for my Navy training.

21 Oct 2011

The Occupation Of Iraq Is Over

Reuters is reporting that President Obama has decided to end the occupation of Iraq this year. The announcement is guaranteed to set off a chorus of voices in the progressive blogosphere, lamenting the lives that were wasted in the war and the occupation that followed.  My take is that only people who oppose

19 Oct 2011

Mitt Romney Is In A World Of Hurt

Since Franklin Roosevelt, only one Eastern Establishment politician, Jack Kennedy, has made it to the White House, though some might argue George H.W. Bush was more an Easterner than a Texan. Nevertheless, the number of Western Presidents since WWII is overwhelming. Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama.

13 Oct 2011

Occupy Freshkills

Occupy Wall Street is coming under pressure from Mayor Bloomberg and park officials who are worried that the protestors are assaulting the orderly habits of mind upon which Wall Street depends by sleeping in every morning.  According to the police, the protestors will be moved around tomorrow as the parks department

13 Oct 2011

Step Right Up

Marty Feldstein is at it again.  This time he’s after the few bucks of wealth the Middle Class may have squirreled away and held onto when the value of their most important asset, their homes, was destroyed by the collapse of the American financial system, a debacle brought on by, among

11 Oct 2011

An Accident Waiting To Happen

It has to be frustrating for the conservative faction of the establishment that they haven’t been able to field a right wing alternative to Obama.  It’s clear to everyone by now that the only real difference between Romney and Obama is that, if Romney wins, the right of center faction will enjoy

04 Oct 2011

The Committee To Elect Somebody Else (CESE)

The establishment media’s response to the lack of specific demands from the Occupy Wall Street protestors has been a rush to fill the void.  If the protestors are unable or unwilling to say what they want, the media are ready to lend them some of their own pet demands, at

01 Oct 2011

The Culture Of Dissent

Interesting to see the establishment media begin to cope with protests outside the political process they control.  The venerable New York Times has an opinion piece up today, poking at the nascent movement.  The writer reminds me of one of Kubrick’s monkeys, working his courage up to touch the monolith in

14 Sep 2011

The Right Way To Secure A Border

Billy Glad blogs at Annals Of The Hive