24 Jul 2014

Over Easy

Good morning, all. Ruth is traveling today, so this is my effort at a substitute post. I am super-busy lately, and I don’t really have much time to hang about. So please do your part to keep the conversation going as I won’t be able to be here long. In

08 Apr 2014

Over Easy: Albuquerque Police Violence Update

  Albuquerque made international news as the result of a police lapel-cam video gone viral, of officers killing a homeless mentally-ill man on March 16. James Boyd, or Abba, as he preferred, was the 37th person shot and the 22nd killed by police in Albuquerque since 2010. (The toll has

20 Nov 2013

Albuquerque Shut That Whole Thing Down

It has been news nationwide. Because we have a clinic providing abortions after 20 weeks, and because this terrorist operation wanted a municipal election for a court test, our fair city was selected by Operation Rescue as the locus for their latest abortion battlefront. They organized a citizen-petition to put

15 Oct 2013

Over Easy Tuesday

Good morning, Dinerzens! I hope you are not blown away, washed away or otherwise incapacitated by the weather in your parts today. Apparently there is bad weather headed to Fukushima, and it sounds like more trouble should be expected. The freak storm that hit the Black Hills earlier this month

17 Sep 2013

Over Easy, better late than never

It’s Tuesday, and I am late for work again. The line would be long outside the diner, but prolly people have given up and gone on to the next joint, of one kind or another. Good Morning, dinerzens! I have been busy again, we have had a ton of rain

03 Sep 2013

Over Easy Tuesday

Dear Dinerzens, I am so sorry I overslept today and did not get to the diner at the appointed time. I used to work in restaurants, and I had a lot of dreams over the years of morning disasters like this. I had a lot of naked waitress dreams, which

20 Aug 2013

Over Easy Tuesday

Good morning, friends, lurkers and dinerzens. I was on the road last week and scarce to these parts. I hope everyone is enjoying the last days of teh school free or is glad to see school starting up again.  The temperatures are dropping at night and the air is taking

30 Jul 2013

Over Easy

Oh, I overslept.  What a lame excuse. You know I am an artist, and sometimes it is just all about art.  Here is a look at atmospheric phenomena that I thought might be interesting for others. We had incredible lightening storms in New Mexico for a couple of nights as

23 Jul 2013

Not Over, Not Easy

  I managed to get through my child-bearing years without bearing children or becoming pregnant. I did not want children, and now in the years when I might be enjoying grandchildren, I will have to settle for only the vicarious experiences of grandparents of my acquaintance. Before it was legal,

27 Jun 2013

Over Easy Thursday

I was one of hundreds of thousands of viewers who tuned in for the wrangling of the TX Senate on Tuesday during the filibuster by Senator Wendy Davis.  It may be that this was the first time so many citizens were able to watch the arcane and exacting business of