21 Jul 2009

Stephen Colbert in death match with black Barbie

A few weeks ago, Stephen Colbert had me on his show. He was trying to get me to confess the numerous ways that ACORN is working to undermine the principles of capitalism. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Now, you know I’d love to tell you everything about the interview,

25 Jun 2009

Sick and Tired’s Turn to Stand and Fight

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. How many times have you said or thought that? Plenty, I’ll bet. If you are like ACORN member Tamecka Pierce from Florida who suffers from lupus and serious gaps in her health care coverage, it’s a regular thing. If you are

25 Jun 2009

Sick and Tired’s Turn to Stand and Fight

ACORN’s Bertha Lewis talks about ACORN’s involvement in today’s rally for health care reform in Washington DC and the need for any plan to include a public option.

12 Jun 2009

Stopping the 13 Second Clock: ACORN and Leading Mayors Join Together in Fighting Foreclosures

Yesterday I was honored to be on a call with America’s leading mayors and the US Conference of Mayors to talk about a huge problem affecting cities from coast to coast: the foreclosure crisis. I’ve been talking about how a family is losing their home every 13 seconds for awhile

01 May 2009

A 21st Century Civil Rights Movement

Today, Friday May 1, 2009, thousands of people across this magnificent and gorgeous country of ours are taking to the streets to rally for comprehensive changes to our immigration policies – changes that promote family unity, promote public health and safety, and end the police-state approach to patrolling communities of

29 Apr 2009

Stopping The Every-13-Second Foreclosure Clock

In America, a family is losing its home every 13 seconds.   This appalling statistic brings home the punishment working families are taking from the foreclosure crisis, a crisis acting like a cancer on the economic recovery.  We at ACORN applauded President Obama's "Making Home Affordable" plan to stop 3

09 Apr 2009

Lies and the Lying Liars Exposed

Yesterday Media Matter for America released a well-researched report showing that conservatives have repeatedly resorted to blaming ACORN in place of substantive discussions of causes and solutions, even where the organization has little or nothing to do with the issue. For us at ACORN, the findings in this report come

18 Mar 2009

21st Century Bull Connor: Shameless Intransigence

This is from the “Have They No Shame?” department. For the past couple of months I’ve been talking about the abuses going on in Maricopa County, Arizona  (that’s where the fine city of Phoenix is located) at the hands of the local sheriff there, Joe Arpaio.   Arpaio’s officers have

13 Mar 2009

ACTION: Thank You Jon Stewart!

I’m sure that many of you reading this have been reveling in Jon Stewart’s take-down of banks, speculators, and financial commentators this week on The Daily Show. I have too. I think my favorite part was from last night’s floor-wiping spectacular with Jim Cramer. “Listen, you knew what the banks

13 Mar 2009

Action: Thank You Jon Stewart

Bertha Lewis writes a diary about www.thankyoujonstewart.org where people can thank Jon Stewart for his efforts to hold CNBC, Jim Cramer and Rick Santelli accountable for their roles in allowing Wall Street to get away with murder.