28 Apr 2009

Everyone needs to watch this

I think that this episode of 30 Days: Same-Sex Parenting is the perfect example of what we are dealing with in the fight for our rights. A hetero mom opposed to same-sex parenting is dropped into a house with two gay men raising 4 adopted kids. I found especially telling

22 Apr 2009

We’ve Got a New Spokesperson

Well, whether we wanted it or not, it looks like we've got ourselves a new spokesperson. Perez has already appeared on a number of channels and TV shows to explain his position and statements. Now it seems he was debating Prager on Larry King Live. What do we do? Do

16 Apr 2009

Brit talks of “Gathering Storm”

Apparently, it was one of the volumes of Churchill's memoirs about WWII. Note, however, the terminology used here. “Gathering Storm” is not, I suspect, a phrase chosen at random … Nevertheless, it's rather breathtaking to imply, rather crudely, that the “threat” posed by gay marriage is akin to that from

13 Apr 2009

Womb Control: Secret Goal of Maggie G., Jenn Morse, and the Religious Right

Read the original. Maggie G.'s friend – Jenn Morse published a post in Mercatornet – a publication that claims to be non-political, yet is clearly on the side of anti-equality for the LGBT families and individuals. She starts talking of Nadya Suleman, switches to the topic of “a right to

13 Apr 2009

Maggie’s Off Her Rocker

Just like some other conservatives, Maggie G. had to comment on the Iowa and Vermont decisions last week. So, she started with Iowa: “Thus did the Iowa court, as my colleague at the National Organization for Marriage Brian Brown said, “misuse the law to impose an untruth on unwilling Iowans:

07 Apr 2009

Vermont Governor is Wrong!

So, the good Governor of Vermont said that granting the word marriage does not give the same-sex couples any new rights? Well, he – in my humble opinion* – is WRONG! While he is right marginally – in that the word marriage will not immediately provide same-sex couples with the

07 Apr 2009

Let’s help our brothers and sisters in Iowa

I know, I know, you do not live in Iowa. I know you may not even go there, like ever. But this still concerns you. Please, go to the oneiowa.org's Take Action page and send a message to Governor Chet Culver of Iowa. Be honest whether you are or are