17 Jun 2009

Step 1 for Obama

I wasn't sure whether to write this diary, because kevinchi has a good discussion going already. But I feel I must speak up separately nonetheless. There is a whole road for the administration to take to get out of the mess they got themselves in. But the absolutely #1 step

11 Jun 2009

Bishop Robinson: “Patience Is Wearing Thin” with Obama

Gene Robinson on Obama's Inaction, NH Marriage Law, Olson-Boies case Gene Robinson: “I think that a number of [members of the LGBT community] are beginning to be impatient with [President Obama]. The argument that he's got other things on his plate really doesn't hold water since he has certainly demonstrated

08 Jun 2009

More breaking news: Rehearing Petition Has Been Filed on Prop 8

Rehearing Petition has been filed with the Supreme Court of California for rehearing by the Justices of the issue of constitutionality of Proposition 8. I just received this in the email: STRAUSS v. HORTONCase: S168047, Supreme Court of California Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009-06-05Event Description: Rehearing petition filed Here's the whole docket.

06 Jun 2009

Comparative LGBT advocacy

The UK government is actually doing something in the notoriously homophobic Eastern Europe. Gay.ru is reporting [WARNING: please, be careful clicking over, and DO NOT accept cookies; Russian sites are notorious for all kinds of crap that stays on your PC forever] that Leigh Turner, British Ambassador to Ukraine, and

14 May 2009

“If Not Now, When?” – Rabbi Hillel

It's like you're in the middle of a lake, and there's no wind to push you to any of the shores. Not even an expectation of when anything will start moving. Of course I mean federally. Statewide there's a lot of action in the last two months. But federally everything's

13 May 2009

Socarides is a scaredy cat; Blankenhorn – a liar

My points below the fold.

12 May 2009

New York Assembly Debate on the Bill A07732

I can't say that it is something unusual. It's got its @ssholes. But it also has its heroes. I want to give the funniest speech prize to the Republican, The Honorable Joel M. Miller of Poughkeepsie. The winning phrase – “I know the Inquisition for some people was a lot

12 May 2009

Obama Should Not Be Afraid to Nominate a Lesbian (or Gay) Justice

The basic point from Richard Just, a deputy editor of The New Republic, in a blog entry is that nominating a lesbian would go a long way to pointing out opponents' homophobia, which will in turn affect other LGBT issues (he in particular points to same-sex marriage). So, he says

30 Apr 2009

Senate Matthew Shepard Bill – Introduction speech

Courtesy of The Congressional Record, that wonderful publication that records what goes on in our federal capital's legislative chambers. Original can be viewed here (pdf file, to flip the page use arrows at the bottom). S. 909. A bill to provide Federal assistance to States, local jurisdictions,and Indian tribes to

29 Apr 2009

Hate Crimes Bill – on to the Senate

If I am not mistaken, the hate crimes bill that has just been passed by the House of Reps has been introduced yesterday in the Senate by Senator Kennedy [MA]. I am pretty sure that it is S.909. Text is not yet available from the Government Printing Office. It has