21 Mar 2013

The Proposed Arizona “Papers Please” Law For Trans Women

Update: From Arizona attorney Abby Jensen: Latest word is that SB1432 was controlled by another committee whose chair would not give it up for Kavanagh to use for his “papers to pee” striker amendment. So, now, he’s looking for another bill to use. As a result, tracking that bill number

22 Jan 2013

President Obama Didn’t Fold Trans People Into The American Family

If we are honest with ourselves we’ll admit that there are too many who do not yet know in their lives or feel in their hearts the urgency of this struggle. That’s why I continue to speak about the importance of equality for LGBT families — and not just in

09 Dec 2012

Marriage, Trans & Lesbian Style

Love. It’s a marvelous thing. The Melissa Harris Perry Show highlighted the December 6th marriage of Liz Margolies and Scout — a marriage of a lesbian and a trans man. {!hitembed ID=”hitembed_1″ width=”420″ height=”245″ align=”none” !} If anyone tells you marriage equality isn’t a trans issue, they likely don’t get

03 Dec 2012

Gender Identity Disorder Diagnosis Is Quietly, Without Much MSM Notice, Going Away

The Gender Identity Disorder (GID) diagnosis is still going away, but it hasn’t been reported much in mainstream media (MSM). When the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Version 5 (DSM-V) is printed in 2014, the GID diagnosis for adults and children will be gone, replaced with the Gender

16 Nov 2012

Guest Post: The Beautiful Daughter: How My Korean Mother Gave Me the Courage to Transition

Guest Post By Andy Marra Public Relations Manager, GLSEN Growing up, I remember making a pact with myself. As an adopted child I promised to find my family in Korea, but how exactly that would occur remained a mystery to me. I luckily had the unconditional support of my American

04 Nov 2012

True The Vote Targets Transgender Voters

The transgender population is a small population, and to my knowledge until this election trans voters haven’t been systematically targeted for voter suppression. Well, this year trans people are being targeted for voter suppression by True The Vote. A graphic from True The Vote’s Virginia training materials shows what the organization thinks about trans citizens.

02 Nov 2012

What Is The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time?

According to Vice President Joe Biden, transgender issues are “the civil rights issue of our time.” There is a reason Trans United For Obama exists. The Obama administration has been a pro-trans issue administration. This is in stark contrast to when Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts when he

23 Oct 2012

I’ve Voted Early Too By Absentee Ballot

Pam wrote about voting early recently, and here in California I’ve followed her example by mailing in my absentee ballot today. I filled out my ballot last night — of course voting for President Obama’s reelection — and at 10:30 AM this morning the mail carrier took my ballot addressed

22 Sep 2012

Thoughts On Personal Purpose

It’s just not enough to know what one’s against. One has to know what one is for, and then work and sacrifice for it. This point of view — the one in the quote above — I’ve espoused before. It not only applies to those who commit to making the

20 Sep 2012

On This DADT Repeal Anniversary, Let’s Not Forget The T

Today is the one-year anniversary of lesbian, gay, and bisexual servicemembers being able to serve openly. With that in mind, I’m reposting this essay from December 19, 2010 — an essay (entitled Dan Choi: I Am Somebody! Autumn Sandeen: I Am Still Not Recognized As Somebody.) where I highlighted how