26 Nov 2014

If there’s one thing that is true

Being “calm” is for others with respect to the haves.

25 Nov 2014

“Smartest” of bombs

The never ending line of “immeasurable” successes in America’s War on the ill-defined and renewable “enemies” is its own reward…or something.

24 Nov 2014

How thoroughly and completed unexpected

I mean all us anti-interventionist peaceniks predict stuff like this every time, and every time we turn out to be right…because every time nobody listens.

21 Nov 2014

If you can read this

Then despite the latest forecast of Obama unleashing hell by doing what Reagan once did the world did not end last night.

20 Nov 2014

Just below a gathering of Juggalos

What good is being in the ol’ Confederacy without a gathering of dunces?

19 Nov 2014

White Stuff

Any more snow and we may have to send this to western New York.

18 Nov 2014

Billionaire Sports Ownership…not just for getting the taxpayers to build ’em stadiums anymore

Nothing begats success more than owning an unsuccessful franchise. A few months ago Steve Ballmer purchased the Los Angeles Clippers (lifetime .379 winning percentage) for $2 billion or so.

What’s he get out of is other than being a dancing fool?

17 Nov 2014

Once again, I think the people that were ALREADY HERE might have a comment to make…

Oh the joys of somewhat pointless debates (but hey, he didn’t mention the Armenian Genocide).

14 Nov 2014

Seems familiar

I’m sure the perpetual knocking off of “Number Threes” goes on though.

13 Nov 2014

Mission “Accompliced”

Thank goodness for the many bounties of our spread freedom through bombs policy.