29 Nov 2007

Please Don’t Squeeze the Charming

Boy, last night’s GOP “You Tube” debate was low brow. By now we all know that following in the codpiece of their party’s last standard bearer, three or four of these stiffs style themselves as the new Jesus. To which I say, I had no idea that the Lord would return as such a diva.

28 Nov 2007

“Real America”

Another Rattus rattus desperately swims away from the sinking Bushtanic.Top White House economic adviser Allan Hubbard is expected to leave his post at the end of this year, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday in its on-line edition…His departure would come as the Bush administration is facing a crisis in the mortgage industry that has caused rising housing foreclosures and sparked recession fears.Hubbard said on Tuesday U.S.

28 Nov 2007


So Peter Beinart –Iraqi War Supportin’, opponent scoldin’, Bush enablin’, Peter Beinart joins the merry band of sociopaths and die-hards at Fred Hiatt’s House of Punditry and opines on what Obama must do:So what’s Obama to do? He has to convince voters that his original antiwar stance still matters, that it’s the key to understanding what makes him and Clinton different now.

27 Nov 2007

Things I done did learn today

What I learned courtesy of Jose Antonio Vargas of the Washington Post:”The term ‘citizen journalist’ has an Orwellian ring to it,” says Andrew Keen, author of “The Cult of the Amateur,” who’s criticized the Web 2.0-Wikipedia world, where everyone can become their own editors.”People are becoming Big Brother, either with a camcorder or a keyboard, and following the candidates around.

27 Nov 2007

Right Now, in the White House “Do It” Room

His Chimperial Heinous sleeps the sleep of the unjust.(*snoring and speaking in sleep*)BUSH: No , no, bad touch…*snorts* does tickle though…he he he.SUDDENLY a NOISE!The groggy President sits up in his bed startledBUSH: Cindy Sheehan? She found me!A shimmering white, but still blurry vision materializes at the foot of the bed.BUSH:

26 Nov 2007


Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, will visit the White House today — or as it should be known in a just world, his residence. There he will be perfunctorily congratulated by our anointed Decider. I’m sure Bush will handle it with all the grace and aplomb we have come to expect.

15 Jul 2006

About That Bivens Claim…

  [This morning’s guest post from Attaturk is a huge favor for me, and one for which I am most grateful.  Bivens claims — of which the Wilson complaint is one — is a special sort of civil rights claim in federal civil cases.  Having never moved a Bivens claim