04 Nov 2013

Late Night: Nothing Says Self-Defense Like Letting The Justice System Work

Yeah, I can see how people who are disproportionately victimized by what the powerful call “due process” should be grateful for that, given how wonderfully the justice system has always worked in their favor.

28 Oct 2013

Late Night: This Wasn’t Just Our Failure

I fault Obama voters and progressive “principles” in general much less than I fault the people who had the money to build a media empire of their own and focused it on vanity projects intead, or kept their powder dry so as to appease moral monsters at dinner parties. A failure of money and a failure to understand media infrastructure (miscasting the NYT as liberal and thinking that would be enough, for example) is not a failure to “believe your own ideology.”

21 Oct 2013

Late Night: Let Charles Krauthammer Decide When to Stop Hitting You

See, Charles Krauthammer has evolved, you guys, and if we would just all wait, and be polite, everyone would evolve. Then there would be no need for “political correctness,” which as we all know is worse than a dozen Obamahitlers.

14 Oct 2013

Late Night: Journalism Is Declining to Lead

OF COURSE readers are telling you there’s too much bias, because everybody who talks about media talks about bias, because almost everybody talking about media is a goddamn moron. Don’t believe everything you read in the paper, that one’s been around a while, despite us wanting to blame the Internet for all falsehoods in history, and media bias has been a wingnut refrain for at least 30 years if no longer. Some of it’s sunk in by now.

07 Oct 2013

Late Night: Why DIDN’T You Shut Down the Government Over the War?

Would that we had a party that would fight that hard over an illegal war of choice that turned out to be based entirely on bullshit. Would that we actually had a party that stood in genuine and strident opposition to KILLING FOR NO REASON, that was willing to put its own ass on the line for an outcome rooted not in racism, greed and vanity but in genuine interest in the national welfare.

30 Sep 2013

Late Night: Dance Dance Devolution: Shutdown Coverage

These are the things we’ve chosen to care about, right now. These are the things we’ve made a priority. No wonder Cilizza thinks a dance party is the best way to cope with the shutdown. They have no idea anything else might be happening. They have no clue what this looks like from anywhere but where they are.

23 Sep 2013

Late Night: Dire Warnings and Sharpening Rhetoric!

Tell me what I need to know about a potential government shutdown over Obamacare, CNN.

16 Sep 2013

Late Night: Pity the Rich Man’s Man

Poor Larry. Now he’ll just have to go home and cry into his GIANT PILE OF MONEY. I get that it sucks you don’t get a job you want, no matter how rich you are, but can we please start differentiating between people with real problems and people whose resumés are just a line short of their desires?

09 Sep 2013

Late Night: The Hill They Want to Die On

You know, when I was growing up, this anti-science bent in Christianity was something my Catholic teachers mocked, like look, we’re not barefoot hicks in the woods handling snakes. But the abortion issue has so subsumed everything else the church could reasonably have an interest in or a position on, has so taken over as THE defining issue of the entire hierarchy.

02 Sep 2013

Late Night: Well YEAH

Our “special relationship” can’t quite be quantified to most ordinary Britons, not the way, say, a bunch of coffins can.