15 Jun 2010

A Meeting for the Ages

I used to say, during the election when Sarah Palin would inevitably be compared to Margaret Thatcher, that Thatcher would eat her for breakfast and then have McCain for a tasty midmorning snack. Looks like Maggie may have to polish up the carving knives: Sarah Palin, the once obscure governor

14 Jun 2010

The Sexual Left

Dennis Prager is fighting for the right to keep his penis. Or something: What do transgendered have to do with gays? How and why are they connected by activists, gay and straight, on the Left? Strictly speaking, gays have no more in common with transgendered people than straights do. To

12 Jun 2010

Sarah Palin’s Not-So-Funbags

Silly bloggers, looking at Sarah’s boobs: PALIN: Well, first, Greta, you know why we love you? Because you’re not afraid to ask the questions. And I got to respect you for asking that question because I know that “boobgate” is all over the Internet right now because there are a

12 Jun 2010

Boy, When You Take a Souvenir, You Don’t Screw Around

Hey guys. Sorry I’m late joining this particular party, but the Joe Lieberman/Mitt Romney Fanfic Meetup at the Barrington Motel 6 was a little more … how to put this … involved than anyone really thought it would be, and I couldn’t leave before the interactive panel on S&M themes

07 Apr 2008

Throwing The Book At Douglas Feith

So Douglas Feith has a book out. The former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, famously described by Tommy Franks as “the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth,” has 688 pages in which to make the case that he made George Bush a fantastic war and Bush screwed it up. Fortunately, the liberal blogosphere wrote the book on Feith years ago. And I do mean literally wrote the book.