23 Jun 2010

Immoral Values

Public school classrooms sponsored by gun shops and God. AWESOME: At Combee Elementary [in Lakeland], funding for basic school supplies is down 33%, says principal Steve Comparato. In recent months, he’s received donations from a local fertilizer company and a grocery chain. But Combee’s most active sponsor is First Baptist

22 Jun 2010

I Doubt Anyone’s Been Wondering

But what HAS Charles Krauthammer been thinking about the BP oil spill? “Part of the reason oil companies are drilling a mile beneath the surface of the ocean,” said Obama, is “because we’re running out of places to drill on land and in shallow water.” Running out of places on

21 Jun 2010

He Stands On a Wall

Guys, seriously, the narcissism: The reasons for Obama’s decline in popularity in the Muslim world could find their origins in any number of perceptions. Perhaps he lost approbation with his orders for more troops in Afghanistan and the ongoing American military presence in the land of the Taliban. It is

19 Jun 2010

Advice for the Lovelorn

What’s the best relationship advice you’ve ever gotten?

19 Jun 2010

Advice for the Lovelorn

Reading Susan’s post here, I was reminded of my grandfather. Grandpa gave most of his advice with his actions, but he once told me, “Don’t marry a man who is mean to the waitress.” Grandpa was bit of a flirt with the wait staff. Didn’t matter if we were just

18 Jun 2010

Reaching Rock Bottom, Starting to Dig

I started reading blogs via Salon during the very start of the Dean campaign, which makes me like grandma over here in the rocking chair bitching about these kids today and why they need to take pictures with their phones. I was jacked into the Matrix during the worst of

17 Jun 2010

How Do You Know When It’s Over?

When you’re trolling for fans on Mike Huckabee’s Facebook page: It’s not the most horrifying video linked there, actually. That honor goes to this. A.

16 Jun 2010

Thursday Ferretblogging

While I can’t lay claim to the awesomeness of bassets, I do share my house with three little furry terrors of my own. See, I wanted a damn pet rabbit. Mr. A, when we were out one day looking at bunnies, fell in love with ferrets. We fought for a

16 Jun 2010

Screw It, Let’s Just Run Jimmy Again

Jimmy Carter is 452 years old, but he still kicks more ass before breakfast than many of us do all day long. Given the antics of the presidents who followed him, particularly the most recent reign of Fratty McFartjoke, I have to say America might not have appreciated Jimmy adequately

15 Jun 2010


God, Mom, I’m bored. There’s nothing to dooooooooooooo: Coverage of the BP oil spill has certainly reached marathon status, the kind of thing still likely to lead on the evening newscasts — so likely that the networks risk evoking “oh not that again” reactions from viewers. It’s an unhappy fact