21 Feb 2011

Late Night: Cheeseheads Unite

Hi, I’m Allison and I’m a cheesehead. I may live in Illinois now, but I was born a cheesehead and a cheesehead I remain. I cheer for the Packers. I eat protein and carbs. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of my pet ferrets is named Buckingham U.

14 Feb 2011

Late Night: Possibly We Should Stop Sucking So Much

The stories immediately post-9/11 made me want to throw things: “Why do they hate us?” I can’t imagine. Because for years we dropped bombs on their children? Would that possibly piss YOU off a little, if someone did that to you? What would you do, if someone killed your family, everyone you knew, tore a gaping hole in the roof of your house, in your business, in your life, and then walked away? What would you want, of them? And knowing what you want, how dare you assume anyone, no matter where they live or what language they speak, would want anything different?

07 Feb 2011

Late Night: What an Anti-Journalism World Looks Like

This is what we do, human beings, we look around our own lives and we talk about what’s going on. It’s the only way we do this, the only way we really connect. And as a reporter sometimes your job is to point the camera at something somebody else doesn’t want it pointed at, and tell everyone you can as much as you can about what’s going on. And that job is dangerous, and it’s scary, and it’s necessary as blood.

The world that anti-journalism conservatives, the ones who rant about the “lamestream media” and chat and wave their fists at reporters, envision? That world, in which “enemy journalists” publishing stuff they don’t like and stuff that contradicts their worldview are harassed out of business, beaten, even killed? It’s happening now in Egypt. I hope they’re watching. I hope they’re paying attention.

And I hope, though I have no reason on earth to believe they’ll ever think this hard, that they’re wondering if this is really so very funny after all.

31 Jan 2011

Late Night: Journalism is a Meritocracy

Fox News.com contributor Richard Benedetto thinks Dana Milbank’s February moratorium on Sarah Palin betrays the noble ideals of journalism.

Let me repeat that. FOX NEWS.COM CONTRIBUTOR Richard Benedetto thinks Dana Milbank’s February moratorium on Sarah Palin betrays the noble ideals of journalism.

01 Jul 2010

Thursday Ferretblogging

The boss is back in town, so I’m gonna skedaddle back to First Draft (and remember, THAT THING WITH THE CHINCHILLA NEVER HAPPENED) but first, the ferrets. This is Bucky, taking the semi-respectable thing we bought to store his toys in and turning it into his own personal nesting ground:

30 Jun 2010

Creepy McPornstache Explains It All For You

John Stossel thinks you poor people should just quit your bitching: Yes, some people have suffered during the recession — but compared to all the other countries in the history of the world, America is rich. Yeah, sure, some people are eating dog food and living in their cars, but

28 Jun 2010

Don’t Talk Sense About My Anchor, Baby

Steve Chapman finds a nut: One study cited in Peter Brimelow’s 1996 anti-immigration screed, “Alien Nation,” found that 15 percent of new Hispanic mothers whose babies were born in southern California hospitals said they came over the border to give birth, with 25 percent of that group saying they did

26 Jun 2010

It’s Always The Hippies’ Fault, Somehow

Does one start with the fact that a general in charge of a war complaining about said war and the people conducting it and by the way, jokes about the cheese-eating surrender monkeys notwithstanding, DYING ALONG WITH U.S. SOLDIERS, is newsworthy no matter what “culture of exposure” you are living in? That this wasn’t some trivial thing about how, say, somebody said he’d quit smoking but was being lifed about it daily by the White House press corps? Or got a blow job from an intern?

25 Jun 2010

It’s Always The Hippies’ Fault, Somehow

David Brooks worries that that nice boy Stan McChrystal would never have been fired if these kids would just cut their hair and stop smoking so much goddamn dope all the time: Then, after Vietnam, an ethos of exposure swept the culture. The assumption among many journalists was that the

24 Jun 2010

Thursday Ferretblogging

So in the comments to last week’s dingo post, people asked what it was like actually living with these critters, and I responded that it was like living with a two-year-old, in that they get into EVERYTHING, and always want to be with you, and whenever you turn your back