02 May 2011

Late Night: And Then

Could we have had the champagne at Ground Zero, could we have had the dancing and the singing, the silence and the reflection, the closure and the open wounds, without the past 10 years of pointless death in Iraq and Afghanistan? There were no military casualties from killing bin Laden, the president said, and it hit me like a fist in the gut. Could we have done this, brought justice however brutal, without killing another American soul?

25 Apr 2011

Late Night: Moving Edition

Once you’re rich as hell, taxes just aren’t that big a deal. If you live in a half-million house, one would imagine you’re not so completely in hock that a $34 annual increase in your taxes so that schoolchildren in your town can have textbooks that don’t refer to the USSR won’t ruin you.

18 Apr 2011

Late Night: King Tut, Blow Your Horn

The idea of literally hearing the music of the past has an irresistible romance.

11 Apr 2011

Late Night: Give More Power to the Elected Officials

Illustrating something about the Wisconsin debate I find endlessly interesting: Just how not ready for prime time any of these people are. First Walker gets punked by some dude pretending to be a Koch-hole, then they run the assembly debates like they’re first-timers at student council, then they all say some stuff during the Supreme Court election that makes you wonder if student council couldn’t teach them a thing or two.

04 Apr 2011

Late Night: How Did YOU Get In Here?

It’s always fun watching experienced politicians wake up to the realization that the feral creatures they kept caged in the basement during the cocktail parties have escaped and are now mauling the appetizer buffet.

28 Mar 2011

Late Night: The Invisible Mongoose

We can cure war, famine, pestilence and death with one decade of fair income taxes from GE. Suspending our wars will provide enough funds to make our schools palaces. We could feed hundreds of people for what we spend on just one day of dropping bombs on other countries in the name of peace.

We do have a choice. We don’t have to declare the majority of the conversation off limits and then fight over the few political scraps that are left. We just have to admit that the snakes are invisible and so is the mongoose.

21 Mar 2011

Late Night: The Real Bush Doctrine

The Real Bush Doctrine, of course, is the principle that once you are in power, you don’t actually have to give a tinker’s damn about what the public wants.

14 Mar 2011

Late Night: A Plea for Less Civility in Politics

I spent last Thursday with the Wisconsin Assembly debate on the Screw the Workers We Don’t Need ‘Em Anyway Act on in the background while I worked, and as I listened to speeches by Republicans and Democrats I was struck by something.

These people were angry. They were hurt. They were unapologetic. They said things like “lies” and “hate” and “wrong” and “unjust.” They said these things loudly.

07 Mar 2011

Late Night: Rich People are Oppressed

I get it, I do. People have exploited those they considered beneath them since the beginning of time. It’s only recently that we’ve begun to tell ourselves we ought to like it and help them to do it, in the hopes we may someday be the exploiters. I don’t know when that became an admirable thing to be, but it seems that’s the motivation: Side with billionaires because someday you’ll be a billionaire and then you’ll want to keep all your money instead of giving it to the government so they can teach unwashed poles like you to read and patrol the filthy streets where you live in your hovel.

28 Feb 2011

Late Night: ‘And That’s How I Know That It’s Time to Be Brave’

This house was open. This house was everybody’s, belonged to anybody who opened the door that day, anybody who could come and stay. And Governor Walker locked it down. Locked it away. Bolted it shut. They’re rifling through purses now, scanning briefcases. You have to take off your coat to come in. You have to wait in line.