30 Jan 2012

What the MOTU Really Think About Iran (Scary!)

I don’t know how to link to this PDF, but you can follow this link and open up the PDF titled “Which Path to Persia”. This is one of those policy papers from the Brookings Institution, which is one of the, if not the most influential think tanks in the

27 Jan 2012

Give me all your dirt on Rocky Anderson

It was with a great deal of despair/sadness that I previously supported Ron Paul, and the appearance of Anderson has revived me.  I just want to know what I’m getting into.   Is he another Trojan horse like Obama?   What’s the worst of the worst dirt that exists on

24 Jan 2012

On Orwell, Totalitariasm, #OWS, and Modern Times

(Sorry for weird formatting/paragraph forms. I’ve tried to fix it and can’t! Hopefully my ideas will still get through.)   The fake 2 party system has created a very effective form of totalitarianism, if it is understood that the essence of totalitarianism is demonstrated in enforced taboos of thought and

19 Jan 2012

Occupy in 2012 – What is the Way Forward?

The election year of 2012 is going to prove challenging to the US Occupy movement in terms of electoral politics and alliances, I suspect. In 2011 OWS in NY formed  alliances with various unions, and much debate ensued about whether or not that would lead to the fledgling movement being

13 Jan 2012

Progressives for Ron Paul, Gather Here

I know Ron Paul is not a progressive. I know he’s anti-choice, wants to regulate female reproduction, is most probably a racist, hates social security, Medicare, etc.   I know that and hate that about him.   That said, Obama is clearly a classist who hates SS and is out

28 Dec 2011

#Occupy2012 Rap News (with ACTUAL Noam Chomsky)

I’ve watched this video multiple times now. I keep noticing new things every time I watch it. The primary writer is (or was?) an academic historian who says he’s encountered censorship in peer reviewed journals. ( It was a fascinating interview.) At some point you’ll hear the phrase “We’ve Occupied

16 Nov 2011

Why Occupy II

We, the children of the 21st century, can’t really know where we even come from because of government secrecy,  and yet we’re expected to figure out where to go. Much of the true history from the Cold War era we were raised in will be forever hidden. We can’t know

14 Nov 2011

Why Occupy.

We, the people of the world, are no longer members of sovereign nation states and we’re becoming increasingly wise to that fact. In this dark new world, politicians and people have no control whatsoever over our own countries’ economic policies. In the new world Reagan and Thatcher (and later Clinton

04 Nov 2011

State of the Occupation (Friday Roundup)

http://youtu.be/r4jYdCaHrjQ – A second Iraq war veteran has been injured by Oakland police. “Kayvan Sabehgi, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, is in intensive care with a lacerated spleen after being beaten by police close to the Occupy Oakland camp.” – Tomorrow, Nov 5th, is Bank Transfer Day, and this

01 Nov 2011

State of the Occupation (Tuesday Roundup)

Help Kevin Gosztola purchase & distribute supplies from the Occupy Supply fund. – This is a must-read Occupy Atlanta press release. – From the Huffington Post, Hayley Miller: Citizens United Going Down? Democrats Introduce Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Ruling : “The extent to which money and corporations have taken over